In which omens believed the Soviet pilots in the great Patriotic war

History 29/02/20 In which omens believed the Soviet pilots in the great Patriotic

According to psychological studies, when a person is on the verge of life and death, he has dramatically exacerbated the belief in the supernatural. No wonder that during the fighting the soldiers EN masse to believe in various omens and charms. The Soviet pilots during the great Patriotic war have formed our own list will take, to break which were considered deadly.

Not to shave and not get a haircut

According to one of the main signs, before a combat mission the pilots were strictly forbidden to engage in personal hygiene, namely to shave and get a haircut. This sign is strictly observed, nevertheless, resourceful pilots during the war found a way out of the situation, not while he shaved before the actual departure, and the night before.

a Well-known incident that occurred during the liberation of Poland. During bad weather due to low clouds, the pilots of 1 squadron 141 guards assault regiment rested at the airport, waiting for better weather and the order to sortie.

At that time, two pilots decided to shave, despite strong recommendations not to do so. Some time later, the sky cleared up, and followed the team on the flight. Then the unbelievable happened, back to the airfield returned all aircraft, except for the winged machines of the two lovers of clean cheeks and chin.

They knocked. And if one of the pilots was a beginner and have made only the fourth flight, the other has had fifty-nine combat missions.

the Secret talisman

each pilot had its own mascot. At the same time to talk about it to anyone was strictly forbidden, or the mascot could lose your power.

One pilot throughout the war, especially successfully conducted aerial battles, and his comrades jokingly said that their colleague is “crazy”. PRavda, the pilot was a great feature.

He always sat in the plane in the same flight suit, and all year round. To change it, he did not want under any circumstances and only after the war said that he believed until the jumpsuit on it – not shot down.

Step over the line

Among the pilots of the great Patriotic war it was considered important to make thirteen missions (Baker’s dozen). After this feature was completed, it was believed that the chances of being shot down in battle are significantly reduced.

in addition, by some strange coincidence, I usually hit for 3-4, 13, and 33-34 departure. During them, believe in the fatal omen, pilots were accurately accomplish the combat mission and hurry back to your airfield.

cheating death

At the same time, the most popular sign during the war was considered unusual tradition that military personnel, including pilots, tried to cheat death.

it was Believed that if to switch with his friend of some object or item of clothing, so it is possible to stave off death. So before the battle on the ground or a combat mission in the skies, the military was actively varied with each other various trinkets or items of clothing. Say helped. If someone on the genus was written the death this day, he took a piece of the fate of his friend and survived.

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