Raphael Samuel, a 27-year-old man from the Indian city of Mumbai, has plans for his existence, tired of – so much so that he now has to sue his parents. The reason for this is Raphael accuses his parents to have him without his consent to the world and to the horror of his existence is exposed.

“bring A child into the world is slavery and Kidnapping”

sounds quite whimsical, has a serious message: The young business man is firmly convinced that it is wrong to have children and a life-long suffering to suspend, he explained to the British broadcaster BBC. He describes himself as an anti-natalist – the followers of a movement, considered from a metaphysical and population political reasons, the birth of man as a moral Evil.

Curious case, Because he does not want to move out: parents sue 30-year-old son

The aim of this philosophical movement, it is, with the lack of children to the problems of Overpopulation, of famine, and environmental pollution. The faith in the direction of the anti-Natal there is, however, not new. Already at the beginning of the Nineties, there was the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEM), a movement for the extinction of mankind.

supporters of this movement have formed in the past few years, increasingly, on Facebook and Youtube. So, too, Raphael Samuel, called on Facebook “Nihilanand” and there, with Videos and Posts his Beliefs: “to bring A child into the world and force it to build a career – this is not Kidnapping and slavery?” he asks in one of his Videos. “A good parent, put your child above your own desires and needs … but the child himself is the wish of his parents,” he wrote under his pictures. On his channel he presents himself with a false Beard and a pair of sunglasses.

“you have me sired for their own pleasure.”

told “I love my parents,“ Samuel, in an Interview with the Indian newspaper “The Print”, “we have a great relationship. But you have me sired for their own pleasure.” He didn’t give his parents the right to witness to him. So, of the 27, claims-Year-old, would make the decision of his parents to a crime.

gender-neutral parenting a Boy or a girl? Parents raise your child genderless

While these statements are far beyond any logic, Samuel, to understand that consent cannot be obtained before the birth. We didn’t but asked anyway to be born, should be paid a lot more for the Rest of our lives, he argues.

To all those asking me to kill myself..

Posted by Nihilanand on Monday, 4. February 2019

even as a child, he was an anti-natalist

The Belief that the world is without the people to a better place, had the young man as a child. So is he now, in spite of the good relationship to his parents, in search of a lawyer to represent him in the case of the scurrilous charges against his parents. His mother Kavita Karnad Samuel told the BBC: “I have to admire the impudence of my son, that he wants to bring his parents to court because we’re both lawyers.”

to Whom this story is known to be present, has not deceived. The project is reminiscent of the recently in the cinema released Film “Capernaum”, the story of a grief-stricken boy who complains against his parents and the life. The reason: “you have brought me to the world.” What is in the Film, however, just a story that wants to Raphael Samuel to implement in practice. He is convinced: “All the world shall know that you are born without consent and that it is okay not to have children.”

sources: “BBC” / “The Print” / “taz”



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