It is not so, as if Autumn Lampkin’s to three times of the day bring your Baby to breast-feed it. You wanted to in 2014, a few months after the birth of their son, only their breaks to use the milk pump. Working mothers have hardly any other option, if you want to feed their children with breast milk. In the interview in the branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Camden and Dover, a three and a half thousand inhabitants Town in the US state of Delaware, it was said, according to Lampkin’s’ lawsuit, it was not a Problem that you continue your child’s silence. In fact, it was not allowed to her during their Ten-hour shift, once a milk pump every two hours, as it is in documents submitted to the court, is recommended.

came To the much too rare window of time, the circumstances under which Lampkin’s milk had to be pumped. First of all, you sat in the ladies toilet, which consisted only of a cabin. Then she was asked to commit to pumping in the Manager’s office, where surveillance cameras were running, which could, according to the statement of claim does not turn off.

The sworn judgment of the applicant’s rights

In the process of the Federal court of justice for the Federal government came in districts that colleagues and line managers of the KFC/Taco Bell-Restaurants would have made it Autumn Lampkin’s hard while at work drain Me. So hard, that Lampkin’s’ soon produced no more milk. The jury agreed with the prosecution’s point of gender discrimination and harassment, and the argument that Lampkin’s in the Fast Food Restaurant would not have had so often the way, the milk pump out, as it would have been necessary. And if you had the rare opportunity to have not given sufficient privacy for you – on the basis of Windows and surveillance cameras.

The jury verdict was issued in the name of the people of Wyoming, and said Lampkin’s US $ 25,000 in compensation and $ 1.5 million in punitive damages. The jury were of the opinion that Lampkin’s have demonstrated, during their employment in the two Restaurants under discrimination and a hostile work environment suffered.

“It was a huge and long-fought victory,” said Patrick Gallagher, the lawyer of Autumn Lampkin’s. “It is a great day for the rights of women. The jury made it clear that employers may not discriminate against a breastfeeding woman in the workplace.” According to the “Delaware online” the American Commission for equal opportunities at work, however, a cap on the Amount for compensation and punitive damages – payments by employers. Even the largest employers you spent at 300,000 US dollars (about 265.600 Euro).

source: “Delaware online”


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