The 14. February is for many people a thorn in the eye, not only because of the red roses. Annoyed some cite the rumor that the day of the lovers was only an invention of the florists and chocolate manufacturers. Other strikes of this date, because they know that the loved one is expecting something from you, even though you pay these custom flowers to to go out to eat, to make a marriage proposal – for extremely silly. But if on Valentine’s day nothing will happen, depends in turn of the house blessing wrong.

For all of this Dilemma is Concerned, we have the saving action of Europe: a perfect love letter, one does not have time to write! And individually!

A love letter for Valentine’s day 2019 – here’s how:

The Generator is divided into different categories. You choose what you say to your sweetheart on Valentine’s day, but don’t want to write. The more you click, the longer (and better!) the letter will be. It can include feelings, fond memories and heartfelt confessions. Give it a try. The first version is not, like you try it with the combination of other terms. Eventually, he is perfect. A lot of fun and success!

If you work to keep your love letter for a great master, copy the Text and post it to our Facebook wall. We are excited about many of the submissions and will post the letter we find the best, even in the case of Facebook.

We would also be glad if you would tell us how her(e) Darling(r) has responded. Whether the letter is well received or whether they had a lot of genialere idea. For inspiration, we are so grateful!

If you hate Valentine’s day also to our Full-Service Builder, we don’t want to know. The time is clear.


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