“Harry Potter” connects you today: Emma Watson (left) and J. K. Rowling

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it makes “Harry Potter”Fans a special joy: Emma Watson (29, “beauty and The beast”) has posted on their Social Media channels, a photo, and so congratulations to a special Person sent: “Harry Potter”Creator J. K. Rowling celebrates her 54. Birthday.

Almost twenty years ago, the first “Harry Potter”movie (2001) with Daniel Radcliffe (30) in the main started to roll in theaters. Emma Watson embodied therein, Hermione Granger, the best friend of the sorcerer’s apprentice. In 2011, the last part of the series was published. Emma Watson has done with the films, her big break – and, thanks to a woman: J. K. Rowling wrote the “Harry Potter”books. Watson feels even today, the author connected, such as a Instagram image reveals now.

Who is the cat on the picture?

“Sexy and creepy. Girl, you rocked it. Everything, everything is love, Jo. Happy Birthday!”, Watson writes to a screen on which you see with Rowling on a costume party. While the actress threw in a Wonder Woman costume, has chosen the author for a black Robe including a creepy Make-up. In the picture, nor is it a “Harry Potter”Star is seen: Evanna Lynch (27) Luna Lovegood, played, has joined as a cat to the two women. It is unclear where and when the photo was taken. A note there are, however, Watson had already posted in September 2018 a picture of yourself in the identical Wonder Woman costume.

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