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The new boar Hofer crime “meat loaf junkie” on Thursday (1. August) in the cinemas. Actress Eva Mattes (64, “Lena Lorenz”) is this time as Liesl moss hammer of the party. After their farm is burned down, she finds shelter at the boar’s Hofer’s, including the village policeman and the title character, Franz Eber Hofer. Is played by Sebastian Bezzel (48, “Safari Match Me If You Can”). Thus, the crime is the first professional collaboration of the two after the end of the lake of Constance-“crime scenes”, in which they identified from 2004 to 2016 together, as Klara Blum (since 2002) and Kai perlmann Comedy.

How the reunion was and how it came to the re-cooperation, told the award-winning Bavarian actress in an Interview with spot on news. Among other things, she reveals how it was, “to eat with an open mouth and to speak also”.

How it came to be that you play “meat loaf junkie”?

Eva Mattes: I’ve shot with Sebastian Bezzel, along the lake Constance-“the scene of the crime”, and Ed Herzog, Director of the boar Hofer thrillers, has staged three of our “crime scenes”. And all three of us thought that it would actually be quite nice, if I would play sometimes. Ed Herzog has been waiting for the right role. The Liesl moss hammer, he was so krachert and remarkable that he offered it to me. I was very happy that I can now be time.

Professionally, you had to do since the “crime scene”-the end of nothing more to each other. How was the reunion on the Set?

Matt: That’s right, according to the “crime scene” we have worked here together for the first Time again. We met in between us. The Ed Duke from time to time on one or the other event. And with Sebastian Bezzel I’m a friend. We see more of you. When I was in Hamburg am, I visit him and his family.

Then it was not for it at all difficult to played this and family boar Hofer crime Team happen to it?

Matt: This is hard for me rare. On the first day of shooting I walk up to every single member of the team, shake his Hand and introduce myself. The costume samples are usually so funny and beautiful. Word just gets around in the Team then. When I get to the Set, offers always.

What do you think of your role in “meat loaf junkie?

Matt: This is a particularly lovely role for an actress, and has made me, in fact, a lot of fun. It was something Else really changes.

What was for you the funniest scene is when Turning?

Matt: I found every scene great. Liesl moss hammer’s arrival is beautiful: When the boar is Hofer from her, yelled at, and faints, so it is believed for the first Time, it is up to you. This has been a joke. My dance I also liked very much. Well, and then this Guzzling, terrible! To eat with your mouth open and talk also, you have to force yourself already. I then asked multiple times in the case of Ed the Duke, whether he really wants “even more”. And he always said: “Yes, Eva, there’s more!”

In the Film, among other things, low-cholesterol foods vs. meat. What do you think of a healthy diet?

Matt: I feel better when I eat healthy, so I think very much of it.

“meat loaf junkie” plays with a small child. This is supposed to be particularly difficult. How was it in this case?

Matt: This kid was awesome, because it has just been through it all. A lot of you didn’t have to stage at all because it has made the most of it anyway by itself. At least in the scenes where I was going. You could keep the camera on it and you’re done. In addition, Sebastian Bezzel father of two children, I have raised two children, Ed Duke has know children and most of the others in the Team, how to deal with children. This kid is fantastic and the dog in the Other.

How often do you have to talk in Interviews about the “crime scene”?

Matt: It will stop slowly, which I actually find quite pleasant. Sometimes I speak, however, even if it makes sense. But it was also 14 years of good work and everything is wonderful.

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