Iosif Dzhugashvili: who really was the father of Stalin

Another 24/02/20 Joseph Dzhugashvili: who really was the father of Stalin

Seems to be clear: the father of Joseph Dzhugashvili was a poor shoemaker Gori Vissarion, the mother is the former Catherine farmer, born Geladze. But again and again here and there appear sensational publications, proving that the future “father of Nations” was the son of the famous traveler N. M. Przhevalsky.

Confusion with his father and the birth

the origin of Joseph Dzhugashvili is really much work remains unclear. Even his name is treated quite differently, and it is not clear, it is Georgian or Ossetian (in Kakheti has long been home to many of the Ossetians). The exact date of birth of his father, of the son of a serf, is unknown. Moreover, unknown even to the exact date of his death. Usually indicate, with reference to the book by Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva, that Bessarion was killed with a knife in a drunken brawl in 1890. But some result letter the young Soso the Directorate of the Seminary, where he studied, where he indicates that his father for three years, he has no parental support due to the fact that Soso has decided to continue to study against his will. Letter dated 1895…
Until recently, the true date of the birth of Joseph was not known. In all encyclopedias, it was stated that the future Soviet leader was born on 9 (21) December 1879. In recent years, thanks to the discovery of documents about the birth and baptism Soso Dzhugashvili, the researchers recognized that he was born on 6 (18) December 1878.
Perhaps only the circumstances of the biography and the identity of the mother of Joseph while not cause any doubts. But in 90-e years of the last century someone wanted in absentia, as if to accuse her of adultery and “prove” that the shoemaker Vissarion was not the true father of Stalin.

History, invented pure eye

it is Difficult to specify the source of this once popular as now like to call such publication of fake. Most likely, he was just sucked from the finger, in search of the “hot” theme, one of the journalists. More precisely, perhaps, not of a finger, and a portrait. Someone thought that Nikolay Mikhaylovich Przhevalsky is very similar to Stalin: as the proud Caucasian profile, thick mustache… Because proponents of this version are unable to result in the substantiation of any document, which is at least hinted at the possibility of Stalin’s birth from the famous traveler. All the “evidence” were already folded to the story.
According to one of them, in the spring of 1878 (or, in the first publications of this kind, when there was not known the exact date of Stalin’s birth, 1879), Yekaterina Geladze Dzhugashvili, drove to visit his cousin the Prince of Miminoshvili, met stayed with him the beautiful youthful Russian officer. They were the Przewalski. Even here lies the absurdity: a poor ex-serf peasant relative was Prince?!… But it’s flowers…
the adherents of the romantic version of the appearance of Stalin on the light cause all sorts of “arguments” in favor of the fact that Catherine was able to change his wife with a Russian officer and to transgress the sacred in Georgia marriage: the husband drunk, the two first son who died in infancy, etc. nowhere taken “information” that the Przewalski transferred money to the family Dzhugashvili. By the way, the Przewalski, whose health was undermined by hardship and deprivation in many travels in Central Asia, died in the next expedition in 1888. So, like, there is no contradiction with the fact that after this date the family Dzhugashvili again felt the need.
But it is crashing when comparing with the real facts. There is even no need to argue those who do not without reason, points out the impossibility, in those social conditions, to keep secret from the neighbors the relationship of the wife of a poor shoemaker with a visiting Russian officer. Just the biography of Przhevalsky in this period is well documented.

Where was the Przewalski in the IOMNT conception Soso

in the Fall of 1877 on the way to Tibet, Przhevalsky fell ill and was forced to turn back. 20 Dec 1877 (1 January 1878), he arrived on Russian territory, in the city of Zaisan (now in Kazakhstan), where he was treated until the end of March 1878, hoping in the spring, on recovery, again to go to Tibet. However, the disease is not passed and in this time in Zaisan received a letter, telling Przhevalsky about his mother’s death. The traveler decided to go to her grave, and to heal at home.
so, in the distant and long (Railways on the outskirts of the Russian Empire – in Central Asia, in the Caucasus – was not yet) the way from the Zaisan in Petersburg Przewalski moved until April 1878. He arrived in St. Petersburg only in the end of may, and then spent the summer at his estate in Smolensk province. At what point and most importantly – for what purpose, he could “Mosey” in the Caucasus, if the way there and back from the Central provinces was not less than a month?
But even if we assume that Stalin was born in 1878, and in 1879, and here Przewalski’s just not physically have time to go to Gori to conceive Stalin. On March 21 (April 2) in 1879 he made from Zaisan to a new journey to Tibet.

it really is like Stalin in Przheval’skogo? Because on the front the Soviet portraits 1930-1950-ies Stalin portrayed weakly similar to himself, artificially inflating his forehead, adding to the density of hair and mustache, and clear in his eyes. It is not excluded that the court portraitists unconsciously copied the famous image of a beautiful, dark-haired moustache. And one of these in the period of struggle against “cosmopolitanism” was a famous Russian traveler.
Indicating that the rumors about the possible origin of Stalin from Przewalski appeared during the life of the “father of Nations”, some say that the leader could even tacitly encourage them. As it were, ennobled his ancestry. Indeed, Stalin did not like the spread of information about his real parents that neudivitelenabout: the family was dysfunctional, there was nothing to brag…
Now, when the version of the alleged birth of Stalin from Przheval’skogo, it would seem, long ago and repeatedly refuted (of course, the decisive verdict in this matter can only be made by genetic analysis), “romance” again and again resurrect this myth, but in a different guise. They don’t like the drunken cobbler with heavy, obviously, heredity, gave rise to the “great leader”. And the Przewalski’s kind of a pity to give up…
For the role of “father Stalin” was recently nominated by the alleged brother of Przhevalsky, who served in the Caucasus. Brother, who served in the Caucasus, the famous traveler was. Only not native, and cousin, Michael A., later General of infantry in the First world, the commander of the Caucasian front. Here only was he in the time of Stalin’s birth is only 19 years old and serve in the Caucasus he first arrived in 1888…
there is No doubt that from time to time in the press will pop up the new “fried facts” of the biography of Stalin, to “prove” that he isn’t who we always thought he was.

Yaroslav Butakov

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