Washington (Reuters) – The U.S. has asked Iran to stop the enrichment of uranium. “The Iranian Regime has taken new steps to bring its nuclear ambitions to advance”, criticized US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Monday (local time).

Iran “continues to use its nuclear program to blackmail the International community and to threaten regional security.” No nuclear deal could allow Iran ever to enrich uranium. US President Donald Trump once said about the leadership in Tehran: “you know what, you play, and I think you are playing with fire.”

Pompeo announced that the United States wanted to negotiate a new, comprehensive agreement with Iran, “in order to eliminate his threats to international peace and security. As long as Iran diplomacy rejects and its nuclear program expands, will be economic pressure and diplomatic Isolation to become stronger.”

According to the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA) from Monday, Iran has for the first time exceeded the upper limit of its low-enriched uranium inventories. The IAEA said in Vienna, IAEA chief Yukiya Amano informed the Board of governors of the UN authority. According to the Vienna nuclear deal, the prescribed upper limit is 300 kg.

The nuclear agreement, from 2015, is intended to prevent Tehran building a nuclear bomb. In addition to the ceiling on allowable inventories of Iran must note the condition that he is not allowed to enrich its uranium higher than 3.67%. This second edition wants Tehran to previous data on 7. July hurt.

The White house said, Trump spoke on Monday with French President Emmanuel Macron on the decision of the Iranian government’s uranium beyond this limit to enrich. Trump had announced the nuclear deal with Iran in may of last year, unilaterally. The remaining signatories to the UN veto powers China, France, Britain, Russia and Germany – are holding on to the nuclear deal.

The European Union called on Iran’s decision to enrich uranium to take back. The country had held after the departure of the United States for 14 months on the agreement, said the spokeswoman for the EU foreign representative, Federica Mogherini, Maja Kocijancic. The EU’s adherence to the agreement, as long as Iran complies with its obligations in the nuclear field.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the EU to put the UN security Council provided for automatic sanctions against Iran for violations of the nuclear agreement into force. “Stick to your commitment. You are obliged to respond in the Moment, if Iran violates the nuclear agreement. So I say to you: Do it. You just do it,” he said, according to a communication from his office.



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