The terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS, its acronym in English) announced on Thursday the appointment of Abu Ibrahim al-Hashemite al-Qurashi as its new leader, at the time that confirmed the death of the previous leader, Abubaker al Baghdadi, in an audiotape broadcast by the agency jihadist Amaq through Instagram.

Following the military operation of forces of elite americans of the past weekend against Al-Baghdadi at the syrian province of Idlib, the network spread of the ISIS had been kept in silence until now. Apparently, have been waiting for to solve the election of a successor before corroboration of his death in the intervention of special forces made public by the president of the united STATES, Donald Trump.

The message spread by Amaq, a voice recording about eight minutes of duration, has served to confirm also the death of the spokesman of the Islamic State, Abu al-Hasan al-Muhajir, and to announce the appointment of Abu Hamza al Qurashi as the leader of the jihadist relieving.

The ISIS argues that both belong to the lineage of Muhammad, as the lineage of the Al Qurashi dating back to the clan tribal prophet. Al-Baghdadi declared himself the in 2014 the caliph of the Islamic State, which extended its borders to horse of Iraq and Syria in an area equivalent to the United Kingdom and over a population more than 11 million people.

The ISIS referred to in the recording to Abu Ibrahim al-Qurashi as “emir of the believers and caliph of the jihadist”, and warns of the impending revenge that prepares against “infidels and apostates”. “Rejoice not over the death of sheikh al Baghdadi and don’t forget the deaths you’ve suffered. Comes the one who will make you what you’ve never seen,” reads the message in a passage addressed to the united STATES, according to a translation provided by Efe. “Muslims, mujahedeen, soldiers of the Islamic State… we are crying the death of the commander of the believers Abubaker al Baghdadi”, pointing to another fragment quoted by France Press.

Aymen al-Tamimi, a researcher on jihadi groups at the University of Swansea (Uk), has declared to Reuters that Abu Ibrahim al-Qurashi may be the name of a war that has been renamed with surname caliph is a head of ISIS located in the crosshairs of western intelligence services. Al-Tamimi pointed at the commander named Haj Abdullah, investigated by the State Department of the USA, likely to substitute for Al Baghdadi.

“you Can be someone you know, and that simply has now assumed a new name,” stresses the expert on the insurgency, jihadist. Al-Tamimi accurate that Haj Abdullah figure as a lieutenant of the Islamic State in documents of the ISIS. USA, which was considered a possible successor to the caliph, he offered two months ago, a reward of five million dollars for his capture. “They are trying to send a message: the project (of ISIS) has not been destroyed with the death of Al Baghdadi”, remacha this analyst, who is alert of a foreseeable increase of attacks and actions of guerrillas after the election of a new leader.

The Pentagon released the Wednesday videos and photographs of the attack of the forces of elite americans against Al-Baghdadi, that ended with the death of the chief jihadist’s most wanted. The caliph put an end to his life by detonating the explosive vest that he wore in the locality of Barisha in the syrian province of Idlib, located less than six kilometres from the border with Turkey.

Other commanders of ISIS were killed also in the operation, so that the list of successors of Al-Baghdadi was limited to a few names, according to analysts cited by the main international news agencies. The announcement of the designation of Abu Ibrahim al-Qurashi has coincided with the publication of the weekly bulletin of Amaq on the eve of the holy day of islam. Groups linked to Al-Qaeda that is cleaved By Baghdadi in 2013 to found the militia of the Islamic State had already celebrated his death. It is the case of Hayat Tahrir al Sham militia, which precisely controls the rebel province of syria from Idlib.


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