Vox has expanded its goal and now it is not only the point of look at undocumented immigrants but also foreigners who reside legally in Spain. The leader of the party ultra, Santiago Abascal, defended on Wednesday in Ceuta the “national priority” in the access to social housing, subsidies for rent and all types of social aid. “We are sick and tired of the spaniards were discriminated against in their own house”, he cried out Abascal, who added that, “for each foreign person to which is help, there is a young spaniard who can’t leave their parents ‘ house.


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The principle of “national priority” represents a shift in the discourse of Vox you will about the positions of groups xenophobic as National Democracy, Spain 2000 and Home Social, they have done traditionally flag the motto, “the spaniards first.” In the 100 steps to the Spain, Living the party ultra introduced in October 2018 in Vistalegre, and that remains his catechism ideological, since he has not submitted electoral programme nor to the elections of the past April 28, or to the next 10 of November, there is not a shadow of this idea.

the document of The party ultra proposes deportation to their countries of origin of illegal immigrants (although they are minors) and of the legal who commit serious crimes or re-offend in minor crimes. It also calls for excluding illegal immigrants from health care and set the copayment for the legal carrying fewer than 10 years of residence. Nothing more.

In recent days, however, Abascal has fueled the idea that aliens (whether legal or not) benefit from social aid, to the prejudice of the spaniards, when the reality is that these are granted in function of the number of children, family income and other tariff objectives.

last Sunday, at a rally, read out the list of recipients of aid to the housing of the Community of Madrid, emphasizing the surname that he did not like spaniards, and to overlook the fact that many of foreign origin have acquired the Spanish nationality and others are of Spanish birth, though their ancestors were not.

When asked about these words, Abascal denied that he had said that the people with the last name foreigner would not be Spanish, but added that “it is evident that the aid to the car have been produced mainly to foreigners or of foreign origin” and that this “many people don’t worry”, but yes to Vox, who wants to know how many they are, because this information, in his opinion, “has been hidden” by the Administration.

The discrimination of the foreign community goes against the treaties of the European Union. Given the fact that prominent leaders of Vox are of foreign origin, as the Dew Monastery (cuban) or Javier Ortega Smith (argentine) and others have last names of central europe, such as the mep Hermann Tertsch.


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