Japan and other countries who consider Russia their debtor

History 08/03/20 Japan and other countries who consider Russia their debtor

For dynamic States the existence of external debt is the norm rather than nonsense. For example, USA is not the first lead in the list of world countries gottolengo. Russia’s foreign debt at the beginning of 2017 in the amount exceeding 500 billion dollars.
However, Russia periodically imposed and other “debt” claim, due to alleged historical and political aspects.

Poland was allegedly given

Recently about his claim stated Russia Poland: some gentlemen of the Sejm considered that our country is obliged to pay the poles a round sum in the framework of war reparations. And at the end of two campaigns – the Polish-Soviet war 1919-1921 world war II.

as for the first campaign, the deputies of the Polish Sejm argue that after the conclusion in 1921 in the capital of Latvia Riga peace Treaty between the RSFSR, Ukraine, Belarus on the one hand and Poland on the other, Russia had not paid the poles promised 30 million gold rubles. As the rightful heir of Soviet Russia a modern state, I believe the Polish deputies, should inherit and its obligations.

the Other claim relates to the alleged nedopushchenie Poland reparations from the share of the Soviet Union after the Second world war. There is a record that the Polish people’s Republic, the Soviet Union no longer together since 1954 to collect payments from the GDR. But now the poles are saying that the signing of this agreement, the Soviet Union pressured them and they got to put their funds in full.

“Give the Kuril Islands!”

This claim of Japan to the USSR (and now Russia as the successor of the Soviet Union), a total of more than 70 years. It was sponsored by the Japanese immediately after the end of the great Natiomake your way to a war in which the Soviet Union fought against Japan too.

Kuril Islands after the occupation of Japan by allied forces was ceded to the Soviet Union, from the rights to them Japan declined in the San Francisco peace Treaty of 1951.

the Japanese want to regain the Islands of Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and group of Islands Habomai, because, in their opinion, these territories in the peace agreement out of the question. Each of the parties to the dispute its arguments.

America, positioning itself as a world superpower, behind Japan. Russia’s position today is clear: the Kuril Islands – part of the Russian Federation and no one to give them to is not going.

the Chinese will not rest

China Russia happy in 2005 when he transferred to the jurisdiction of the PRC 340 km2 of their land plots on the territory of three Islands. Obviously, this was not enough, because in 2012, China stated that 17 hectares in the Altai mountains – is a native of the land. However, the Chinese side there were no documents proving his innocence in this matter and has not submitted.

“Crimea is not yours”

Current government Square said that Russia illegally seized from Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and is obliged to “give back.” A similar view is held by the US and its allies. The results of the March referendum in 2014, on which an absolute majority of votes decided the fate of the Peninsula, which became part of Russia as a Federation subject, they are not taken into account. They continue to interpret this event as the annexation.

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