Josef Mengele: what has become the worst doctor in history

History 17/03/20 Josef Mengele: what has become the worst doctor in the history

a German doctor Josef Mengele, known in history as the most brutal Nazi war criminal who had inflicted inhuman experiments tens of thousands of prisoners of Auschwitz.
For their crimes against humanity Mengele forever earned the nickname “Dr. death.”

the Origin

Born Josef Mengele in 1911 in Bavaria, Günzburg. The ancestors of the future Nazi executioner was an ordinary German farmers. Father Carl founded a company for producing agricultural equipment “Karl Mengele and sons.” The mother was raising three children. When Hitler and the Nazi party came to power, rich family Mengele was actively to support it. Hitler defended the interests of the farmers, on which depended the well-being of this family.

Joseph was not going to continue the work of his father and went to medical school. He studied in Vienna and Munich universities. In 1932 joined the ranks of the stormtroopers of the Nazi “Steel helmet”, but soon left the organization due to health problems. After graduation, Mengele received his doctor’s degree. A thesis he wrote on the topic of racial differences in jaw structure.

Military service and professional career

In 1938-om Mengele joined the SS and Nazi party. With the beginning of the war entered the reserve troops of the SS Panzer division, was promoted to the rank of SS-hauptsturmführer and received the iron cross for rescuing 2 soldiers from a burning tank. After being wounded in 1942-the first was deemed unfit for service in the active army and transferred to the “work” in Auschwitz.

In the concentration camp he decided to realize his longstanding dream of becoming an outstanding physician and research scientist. Mengele calmly justified the sadistic views of Hitler scientific relevance: he believed that if inhuman cruelty necessary for the development of science and breeding of “pure race”, then it can be forgiven. This view was transformed into thousands of ruined lives and an even greater number of deaths.

In Auschwitz, Mengele found the most fertile ground for their experiments. SS is not only controlled, but even encouraged the most extreme forms of sadism. Besides the killing of thousands of Gypsies, Jews and other people “wrong” ethnicity was a priority concentration camps. Thus in the hands of Mengele was a huge amount of “human material”, which was supposed to put in the flow. “Dr. death” could do whatever he pleases. And he did.

Experiments “Dr. death”

Josef Mengele during the years of our activities have spent thousands of horrific experiments. It without anesthesia amputated body parts and internal organs, sewed twins together, injected children’s eyes poisonous chemicals to test, will it then the color of the iris. The prisoners deliberately infected with smallpox, tuberculosis and other diseases. They were testing new and unproven medications, chemicals, poisons and poisonous gases.

above all, Mengele was interested in the various anomalies of development. A huge number of experiments were made on dwarfs and twins. Of the last of his brutal experiences suffered about 1,500 pairs. Survived about 200 people.

All operations on the fusion of people, removal and transplant were performed without anesthesia. The Nazis did not consider it appropriate to waste expensive drugs on the “sub-humans”. Even if the patient after the experience survived, its expected destruction. In many cases an autopsy was carried out in a time when the person was still alive and felt everything.

After the war

After the defeat of Hitler’s “doctor death”, realizing that it expects a penalty, tried to escape from persecution. In 1945 it in the form of an ordinary arrested near Nuremberg, but then released because they could not identify. Then Mengele 35 disappeared in Argentina, of ParaguAE and Brazil. All this time he was looking for and several times were close to catching the Israeli intelligence service, MOSSAD.

the Arrest of a cunning Nazi and failed. His tomb was discovered in Brazil in 1985. In 1992 he carried out the exhumation of the body and proved that it belongs to Josef Mengele. Now the remains of the doctor-the sadist are in the medical University of são Paulo.

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