it Was Jupiter, or this thought: the president omnipotent, as a roman god, above the contingencies of daily, a symbol almost immaterial of the Republic over monarchy. Emmanuel Macron won the election two and half years ago, and came to the Elysée, a week later, convinced that France needed a president who “habitase” the charge as he did not know to do that his predecessor, François Hollande, called “president normal”. In the ecuador of the five-year presidential term, Macron has not abandoned the pedestal jupiterino, but begins to discover the virtues of normality.

The Macron 2017, the exbanquero that came to power with 39 years and a political experience is very limited, it is the same man that the 2019, but it is different. Speaking of verticality. That is to say, of centralized power in the Elysée and in the hands of the president. Argued that the corps intermediaries —the term medieval refers to the social actors that “mediate between” the power and the individual— were expendable. For him, the statements in controversy were the test that you had to speak clearly to the French; for many French people, were a reflection of the arrogance and elitism that attributed to it.

Today, Macron reiterates the samples of modesty, and suggests that has changed. The revolt of the yellow vests, which broke out almost a year ago and no one saw it coming, it was a cure of humility. The president moved to the cities and towns of France to listen to the citizens in never-ending sessions of questions and answers. Without renouncing to the reforms that are their house brand, has slowed down his pace. The pension —last great pending reform— has been included, by contrast with the labour reform, a long dialogue with the trade unions and their discussion can expand until the summer.

one Might think that now, when it has almost fulfilled the main promises of his agenda 2017, it’s starting to get easy. May happen otherwise. Because it is he who sets the pace; it’s the present that marks it to him. His willingness to appropriate themes such as security, immigration, identity entails a risk: giving the agenda of the extreme right. The class media and political in France, has spent much of the fall discussing issues such as the islamic veil and secularism, or immigration, or were among the core concerns of the citizenship, and were the occasion of any crisis urgent.


Jupiter in the garden Macron, king without a crown

The presidential election of 2024 —and, more near, the city of the next march— what condition everything. Macron discover, and the polls to this fact, that his likely rival in the presidential elections will be Marine Le Pen, president of the Regroupement National (RN), heir of the old ultra training National Front. Le Pen was already a rival of Macron in 2017 and lost with a 34% compared to 66% of the winner. Now there are polls, to two and a half years view, describing a victory of Macron by 55% to 45%. The margin is close. In the european may, RN defeated The Republic in March (LREM), the president’s party.

In the medium term, the reconstruction policy that Macron was detected, seized and promoted has deepened. The Socialist Party is fighting for its survival. The Republicans, the great party of the right heir of Jacques Chirac, also is living a critical moment. Even the left-wing populist Jean-Luc Mélenchon seems to be disoriented. Perhaps the emergence of The Greens as an alternative moderate the president, but Le Pen is now the only rival of the president that occupies the entire space between the centre-left and centre-right.

The omnipotence of Macron is apparent. Its electoral base, like that of Le Pen, it is small, around 24% of voters. There are more French to be contrary to Macron that favorable: this has not changed from 2017. France’s Macron is a country fragmented. Between the thriving urban center-and-white and the banlieue, the outskirts where live low-income immigrants. And between the metropolis globalized and the small towns of provinces poorly connected. “I see France as well as archipelago. You can not understand our country, its strength and sometimes their injuries, if one does not assume this,” says Macron in a controversial interview with Valeurs Actuelles, a magazine of the header of the hard-right. Jupiter has discovered the complexity.


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