Tragic crash over the North Sea. On Monday morning an F15C Eagle of the US Air Force crashed into the sea near Flamborough Head for an unknown cause. The accident had occurred around 9:40 in the morning. So far, the pilot of the plane could not be found.

There is still a lot of guesswork about the cause of the crash. Just a few minutes before the accident, the RAF base in Lakenheath posted a photo of three fighter jets on social media to set off on a training flight.

From there, the crashed machine had started a few minutes before the accident. The plane that crashed in front of Flamborough Head is an F15C Eagle that was part of the U.S. Armed Forces belonging to the 48th RAF Leakenheath Fighter Wing in the United Kingdom. So far, it is still completely unclear whether the pilot survived the crash,

According to official information from Lakenheath Air Force Base, the crashed plane was on a routine mission. Immediately after the crash, the search for the wreck of the plane and the pilot was initiated. So far, however, it appears that the pilot has not yet been found by the emergency services.



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