Classic cars are not to be enjoyed by the loved one alone, but with other lovers. Common trips and Meetings to belong to a particular car. The classic car club present in Bremen with its lovingly designed exhibition stands and provide the way to pay for a good visit.

The automotive beginnings after the Second world war, make this year a special focus on the Weser. In addition, there is a point of Contrast to the often modest models of the post-war era. In Bremen, there are also famous movie cars. Including such illustrious models as the Dodge Monaco from “the Blues Brothers”, or the beetle of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer. A smart move, because the keyword “Hollywood” also attracts spectators who come out to the vintage scene.

as well as precious items that only appreciate car enthusiasts join. About the Fiat 130 Familiare from the Agnelli-family owned. Under the hood, the V6 petrol engine in the Fiat’s 130 coupe with a 3.2 liter displacement and 165 HP.

National and international suppliers for a wide range of vehicles, accessories, and Automobilia. Many of the visitors also attracts the offer of original spare parts to Bremen. The number of visitors is currently the only major classic car show in the North of Germany have increased since 2003 to more than 40,000. Also from the neighboring countries – the Scandinavian countries, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom – to travel the old-timer Fans.

The big new-car measuring stick currently in a crisis. Visitor and Exhibitor numbers are dwindling. This is very different in the Classic Meet. Only the very few can or want to afford a real classic car, but the young-timer-fever has reached wide circles. All people who want to look like an older historic vehicle.

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classic cars Mercedes 500 K special Roadster – the super sports car of the Nazi time

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