Kirkorov himself called it quarantine

fortunately, he’s fine. Sad only says “sentiment by and large do no no because we are sitting on a powder keg and any moment it may explode: “to be Honest the joy of a special present. I would like to quickly everything went and all got well.” Well, who does not want? Our conversation with Philip took place against the background of leaping children’s laughter. Favorite Chad Martin and Alla Victoria even on the telephone loudly drown out the voice of the father-the artist…

Hey, Phil, what’s alive?

– While healthy and still alive.

– Thank God! People wonder how our pop king is going through these hard times cancel the “Eurovision” and quarantine. Share experiences, lifehacks?

– the Main life skill is infinite contemplation the laughter of children around me, playing football, swimming in the pool… Bringing order to your wardrobe.

– This is where you sat with the pool then?

– at Home, outside the city. Of course! We are patriots. Even in the presence of Bulgarian roots and indulgences for the right to dump in Sunny Varna, we decided to stay in Moscow, to join with the quarantine and the seat of the house.

– a blessing in disguise in some sense? The children certainly had a dreadful lack of communication with a loved dad and dad – with kids? But they understand what is happening, how serious is it?

– Very seriously understand, correctly apply, and well done. In school very seriously explained everything. Now they have classes on the Internet. Education’s all very well and they understand how important everything is.

of Course, the biggest joy for them that daddy’s home, daddy’s in quarantine, not in a hurry, not leaving. For them it is like a gift… But I do afraid of their own words. Because in the New year, the clink of champagne glasses I was thinking: requested that, finally, I could devote a huge amount of time children! They have 9 soon, and I’m all soap Yes you put. It is clear that sarabatKi, I provide them with life and life is good, but! Don’t see anyone, not hear. It is wrong! Have “stop the Earth, I come”, sang our wonderful Lolita. And here you please – called it, descended.

– it’s you to blame?

– did Not expect that to such an extent I have the power of words and my desire… Based on life experience, when I was thinking of some desires, they almost all always true. And now I suppose I should be careful, pay attention to the words and desires – especially given that I have half of something “vygovskogo” origin (referring to the famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanga – approx. edition). Here we go – less than a month, as he had wished, began to come true on the one hand, in regard to the opportunity to be with children, I certainly enjoy it, but it’s a shame not work even to lose, the work was postponed, and it is not cancelled, or a birthday celebration (April 30), which is also, of course, was canceled. Do not worry – the date is not round, to celebrate nothing special. But what a shame to lose this year “the Eurovision”.

– for some reason I thought that it was a major frustration…

– But not because of me but because of the guys we have this year worked and which were prepared for the competition. Not only insulting, but embarrassing, first for UCF Suviste and Estonia, because he had been treated very harshly. The guy won the national selection with our “criminosos” song What Love Is, and many countries have already automatically extended for next year “mandates” of the current participants, but in Estonia decided the next year to make a new selection. And poor Uke consolation was allowed to go not even in the finale that would be right, given his victory and to the semi-finals. This here’s “mercy” had. I think that is very unfair. So happy early. Do not say Ho until they are hatched.

– And in Moldova with Natalia Gordienko anything stand out?

– Too is not clear. Mthe Moldovan its decision has not yet been announced. In General, early happy double victory (in natsubori). Someone probably jinxed. I do not Rudkovskaya it? (you have to understand that it was a lighthearted remark, approx. edition)

– Remember, we are still in Belgrade at the Eurovision song contest in 2008, held an investigation into the subject of “black eyes” Bilan, even this article I was in the “MK” and its all hotly debated…

Yes, I remember… Well, what are they? We’re not Russia was represented this year. And for the poor Little Big terrible shame! This hit such a number! There was a chance to win.

photo: Social networks

– Russia is once again not bother next year with a new candidate…

that made the decision to leave them. They had already two attempts. They say God loves a Trinity…

– the contest Organizers announced the intention to still organize a TV show in a remote format all participants failed the “Eurovision for 2024”, but without competition. You already said something, invited your artists?

I also just yesterday learned about it, while it didn’t arrive. On the one hand, a good idea. They also said that there will be a contest, just a show. And who needs “just a show”? Video and so you can look on the Internet. Such a comforting pill to swallow, of course.

– are You by nature a very active person. The format of the quarantine is to be tough both mentally and physically, despite the joy of communicating with children?

okay, so once a week I allow the outing, wearing a bunch of masks. Go to shooting a TV show in which I am a member of the jury. It continues to be removed, however, without an audience. So the show must go on.

– whether it is dangerous, even without an audience? You’re there five to the jury, and now every casual people – as a potential bomb, biological weapons…

– it is Dangerous! Sitting three feet from each other… In the end, afraid of wolves – in the woods not to go. I cannot refuse to tell the producer that will not come to the shooting. It’s not karkonoski somehow. What to do?! Here, once a week, I, unfortunately, put themselves at risk and this should be done three times to go along this edge of the blade.

– How is the question of the support professional? You were always rehearsals, warm-UPS…

I’m not singing. For a long time. I have it as a professional work – came on stage, sang. Someone needs to warm up, some don’t. We have here with Anna Netrebko, as it turned out, one kind of harmonies – from high notes and went in concert. Sport always somehow in parallel with me… actually, taking advantage of the situation, I get enough sleep. A dream I never had, chronic lack of sleep, always up late, waking up early, eternal trip. Now it kompensiruet in full.

– Igor Krutoy said that he had a pleasant companion in the house – a piano. And he writes, even joked that the album would be called “Quarantine”…

– I’m writing in my head – a white sheet. Just relax. Offer some online concerts, online presentations, communication in social networks… No, th-th I do not want to! Dimitris (Kontopoulos, composer, colleague of FC at the Eurovision team DreamTeam – approx. edition) suggested song to sing live, he plays, I sing, Greek star also sings with us. Nice idea, but even this was abandoned, there is no courage yet. I hope you will not take offense to my Greek partners.

as a socially responsible citizen, I see you reposted this utter howl Larisa Guzeeva, almateria Muscovites for walks in the streets while she drives there in his car here and there… it seemed to Me that all this is somehow strained and solely for the hype she made out. In place of Stanislavsky I would not believe her…

– very organic And I think of this, as you put it, “howl”. Well, really, what kind of people we are?! It is clear that the authorities did not want to strain the people, not announced yet, as in other countries, strict quarantine. Addressed to the people: it’s not a vacation for entertainment and picnics, please take a seat at home, relax, take care of yourself, your relatives, other people. And this “howl” did not seem insincere, forced, she did it herself, no one asked, so I took his census at home. Unfortunately, our carelessness often leads to many stupid things.

– Inventory-grocery is in a Villa with a swimming pool? Or every day to deliver food?

– I originally did not believe in all this panic with some deficit. All you need to provide for themselves, we have, and what is missing, bring while with no problems.

what I mean is that on any same egg from the store can now hide this insidious virus, but how will suddenly jump, as long as these eggs are laid on the fridge… Lucy your disinfectant at least all of this?

– Well, apart from Lucy (legendary housekeeper, inherited from Philip Alla Pugacheva – approx. edition) we still have workers who are doing all of this… it’s not sprayed, from not using protection. Of course, all the basic measures are respected!