Also this year, press again to countless taxpayers, the explanation for the tax: Too costly, too cumbersome, too difficult. However, in order to give away a lot of money. Because there are good reasons to work through the annoying forms. And: thanks to tax software, and co. the statement for the office has become much easier. Also lay people who have made a large arc around the tax Declaration, can receive with little effort and money back from the tax office. So give yourself a jolt – it is certainly worth your while!

– saving tip So you can save this year is 1400 euros 1. Tax return brings a lot of money

According to the Federal Statistical office, taxpayers receive an average of 875 euros from the tax office refunded. In sum, it seems surprising that one-third of the Taxpayer does not send any tax Declaration to the tax office. Around 90% of the submitted tax returns to bring a refund.

tax return tax return: What you of the tax 2 to settle. Around six hours for tax Declaration

The Institute of the German economy in Cologne has interviewed a few years ago Rated as part of their annual Declaration to the tax office. The result: About 6.3 hours people spend on the cut with the tax return. The higher the education, the longer the Filling in of the fields will take. Who works as a clerk, the tax class has not changed (marriage) and no specific expenditure has had to make, with much less time. And: women take more time in total than men for the tax Declaration.

Riester pension, bills, deadlines, which are the seven worst mistakes in the tax Declaration 3. Tax return, quick money get?

must wait a long time to get in on the tax bills and thus on the refund, is very different. The tax office in Bielefeld-the outer city needs to last only 28 days to send the tax notice. The tax office Essen-Nord needed to 86.6 days. Came to these results, the Online-Portal “wage tax compact”. Overall, the financial offices in Hamburg in the Federal States of comparison the fastest, you need an average of 45 days. As long as you need to, on average, wait on the tax notice, you can see””.

4. Useful helpers for the tax Declaration

Who does not come with the forms from the IRS, just use a tax software. The clever helpers to explain each step in the tax return, indicate errors and also equal to the sum that one can expect from the IRS. The programs cost between eight and 35 euros – the expenses for this can be in the coming year claimed as a tax deduction. The Stiftung Warentest has compared tax programs. There’s a list here, of how the programs differ and what they cost.

taxes not to forget tax Declaration: These 12 tips will help trips to the Save service way to and from work, office workers, their Job-the cost of the tax from 5. You have to install anything for tax purposes? Of due!

The main argument why the tax Declaration is not done: There is nothing to sell. But this is wrong. As a part of the paid health insurance and nursing care insurance contributions can be deducted. Also advertising costs can be a flat rate (in the amount of 1000 euros!) of the income from employment will be deducted. They employ a cleaning lady or have commissioned artisans? Also, these costs can be prorated for tax purposes. You have incurred high expenses for sickness or divorce in the past year? Then attach to the tax return. In short: basically, a tax return is always worth it.

Riester pension, bills, deadlines: these are the seven worst mistakes in the tax Declaration Fullscreen

In the case of the extraordinary burdens are expenses caused by illness, disability or alimony payments. However, there is a reasonable load limit. Only costs that are over that, you can make. How high this is, depends on the income. This is one of the reasons why taxpayers fill in this area – and no receipts (medication, new glasses, treatments) store. A big mistake: The Federal Finance court decided in 2017, that the previous calculation of this reasonable burden is wrong. Important for taxpayers: collect All receipts and tax Declaration. What is the reasonable amount is depends on your income and number of children. The tax authority of Bavaria, has made a calculator available online.

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