Konstantin kouzakov: what happened to the illegitimate son of Stalin

Biography 02/03/20 Konstantin kouzakov: what happened to the illegitimate son of Stalin

Before the collapse of the Soviet Union on the wave of publicity the news media spread this sensation: “Stalin was an illegitimate son.” Suspected it was just a rumor, but soon they found their confirmation.
the Illegitimate son of Stalin was one Konstantin Stepanovich Kuzakov, which, in 1995, already surpassing eighty years abroad, in several interviews has revealed decades of hushed mystery. In his words, such a long silence was caused by the gag orders, the NKVD.
of Course, DNA tests are able to prove the relationship Kusakova with Stalin, was not carried out, but no reason not to believe Konstantin Stepanovich there, the more that this fact is corroborated by other sources.
during the revolutionary young Joseph Dzhugashvili twice expelled by the tsarist authorities in Sol’vychegodsk, which was then a part of the Vologda province. For the first time in March 1909, however, after two months of the reference Koba escaped. The return took place in October 1910, after a six-month detention in Bailov prison in Baku.
During a second visit to Sol’vychegodsk revolutionary settled the widow Mary Prokopievna Kozakovoj, the mother of three children whose husband died in the Russian-Japanese war. Joseph Dzhugashvili by this time also had time to become widowed – his first wife Ekaterina Svanidze died in 1907, leaving a son Jacob.
As the exiled Dzhugashvili leaned from the Royal Treasury 7 rubles 40 kopecks per month, part of which he gave to the hostess for food and shelter. Maria Kuzakova at the time was 34 years, the future Soviet leader – 32. Reference Joseph Stalin ended July 6, 1911, and two months later Maria Prokopyevna born son Constantine, who received the patronymic name of his deceased father – cont.
After the October revolution, Maria kuzakova sent Stalin a letter tothe otor asked to contribute to the fate of their son. It is known that the letter fell into the hands of the new wife Stalin and Nadezhda Alliluyeva. She did not show it to her husband, but sent Mary money and helped a needy family to move to Leningrad.
According to Konstantin Kuzakov, the fact that Stalin is his father, he learned during his school years, but tried not to advertise it. Paradoxically, but perhaps it is the concealment of the relationship with the “leader of all peoples” in the future simplified Konstantin Stepanovich life and avoiding many of the serious trouble, especially after Stalin’s death.
Contributed to whether Stalin the career of his son is unknown, but it developed quite rapidly. In 1927 Constantine Kuzakov enrolled in the Leningrad Institute of philosophy, literature and history, after his graduation, a young specialist who combined scientific and teaching work, successfully defended her doctoral thesis in philosophy.
the party he joined in 1939 and soon came to the Central Committee apparatus. In 1940 kuzakova transferred to Moscow to the Department of propaganda and agitation of the Central Committee of the CPSU(b), but with teaching he did not finish in the Higher party school he reads the dialectical materialism.
During the great Patriotic war Konstantin Kuzakov lectures attended part of the army. Was awarded with orders of red Star and Patriotic war of I degree. Soon after the war kuzakova appointed Deputy Minister of cinematography of the USSR. However, in 1947 in his life comes a black stripe. First, with the filing of Beria, he was expelled from the party with the wording for “loss of vigilance” and then he was threatened with arrest. Subsequently, kouzakov noted that the true purpose of Beria was the destruction of the main ideologist of the country of Andrei Zhdanov, with whom Konstantin Stepanovich has developed a good relationship. Beria wanted the dirt on Zhdanov came to the table to Stalin from kuzakova.
Attempt to give kuzakova under arrest – is also the initiative of Beria. However, Stalin, after hearing the arguments of one of the most influential leaders of the Politburo, refused him. According to kusakawa, then Stalin said to Beria: “grounds for arrest kusakawa no.” Nevertheless, Constantine’s political career kuzakova resumed only after the fall of Beria in June 1953.
Until 1954 kouzakov retained the position of head of Screenwriting-editorial Department of a film Studio “Mosfilm”, where he was appointed in 1947, from 1954 to 1955 he is the head of the Main Department of cinematography of Ministry of culture of the USSR, in the years 1955-59, he served as Director of the publishing house “Art”. From 1959 until retirement Konstantin Stepanovich has worked in various management positions in radio and television of the USSR.
Died Konstantin Kuzakov in Moscow in 1996. He has one son, the historian Vladimir Kuzakov, currently working as a senior research fellow at the Institute for the history of science and technology. N. I. Vavilov of RAS.
did Konstantin Kuzakov with his father? According to him, they crossed a few times (he even fished in his heavy eyes of Joseph Stalin), but never with each other did not communicate. However, once Stalin wanted to see in his office of his son, but kouzakov hesitated, and when he was ready to go to a meeting with his father, he was busy.
As they say eyewitnesses, Konstantin Kuzakov was remarkably similar to Stalin, not appearance, and manners, in the same closed and terse, that same soft and unhurried gait. But the moustache he wore, even his son, who came once with the bristles of the expedition, asked hurry to shave.
Why did Stalin officially did not dare to admit his illegitimate son? After all, at the top, this was no longer a mystery. Apparently, when there was a struggle for power, Stalin just didn’t want to give into the hands of their opponents so powerful trump card, and when he was firmly established at the head of the state, probably did not intervene in the evolving career of a good son. In addition, after the war, the world saw many Stalin biographies and write thatYes, not very convenient page no want.

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