The president of Aragon, Javier Lambán, has qualified this Tuesday of “absolute mamarrachos” to historians as the Catalan “alter history to invent nations.” The socialist accuses them of emptying the history of the community that it presides over in order to build a “spurious vision of the country”. He has done so before to participate in the meeting of the Advisory Board for the history —the first legislature— a body that your Executive had created in 2018 to “ensure the accuracy” of the content related to this subject that it is made in the field of non-university education as well as in other social forums.

Lambán has reported that some historians Catalan “spread, support and make known to the whole world” a reality that serves to support politicians who are “destroying the coexistence” in Catalonia and the rest of Spain. “We already see to what consequences it is leading to what some apprentices warlock began to put in operation some years ago, and that today has manifestations igneous,” he said in reference to the riots in Barcelona and other cities of Catalonia after the judgment of the procés.


When the story is told to convince And collects in the international press, the sentence of the trial of ‘procés’

For the president of aragon, an example of this misrepresentation is that “alleged historians” affirm that St. Teresa of Jesus, Cervantes, Columbus and Elcano were Catalan. It has also ensured that the Generalitat of Catalonia spreading lies such as the definition of the Crown of Aragon as a confederation of the Catalan-aragonese.

For this reason, the socialist defends the utility of the Advisory Council for the history, who has just made an exhibition in Sicily, with its historical point of view and has planned another in Naples, “to undo the lies from the Generalitat of Catalonia are being made, even in parts of the former Crown of Aragon”. The agency also drafts reports to collect what they understood as “manifest errors” in textbooks. In this sense, has said that the effort of the council is to substantiate “the rigor of the historians of aragon”.


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