Larisa Sadilova went to plant a vegetable garden for Valentina Telichkina

We talked to Larissa Sadilova the day before her departure in Bryansk oblast, where she shoots a movie.

“Garden” is the long-standing idea?

— last summer When we were at the festival in Cadiz, he was. And its application in the form of a one page existed when we came to Cannes. Then Rustam Shadowym we wrote the script, found co-producers. We supported the “Mosfilm”, which will take part in postprodakshn, as well as the French company Laurent Danielou (supported screening at the Cannes film festival. — sh). Looking forward to the contest in the Ministry of culture. But the garden should be planted in the near future. In our scenario, this is one of the primary sites of action. Near Ovstug, where the estate of the tyutchevs, found the place where and will be removed.

— Even a shame for your Trubchevsk heroines. Aunt Wali (local resident, who starred in “Once in Trubchevsk”. — sh a) such a gorgeous garden, and you go nowhere.

We were in Trubchevsk, but let them not resent us. Shooting will take place not only in the garden, but also in Bryansk, and we chose a place close to him.

You need a special garden?

— No, the most common. He feeds our heroine and her family, and she has to go there from the city, overcoming 40 kilometres, almost every day to plough, water, cleaning. To sleep on the area is impossible, as the house dilapidated, uninhabitable. On a real garden would have been tough to remove. The crew be able to destroy everything. And the mise-EN-scene suitable for us land would have to search long. It is easier to plant a garden for themselves in April. And yet all must be prepared, transported and installed old greenhouse. In the mid — to late April to begin planting. In August, just all ripen and Mature.

photos: Svetlana Khokhryakovskoe Sadilova in the Bryansk region.

— Who will do it?

— we Have a Director of photography Anatoly Petriga (removed “Once in Trubchevsk”. — sh) have their own vegetable garden. He will be the main consultant.

— Means that his wife is the operator Irina Uralskaya — will come to the rescue? The fun you will have.

— Yes, Ira will help too. They’re consultants. And people who will do all this, we also found. Just go to Bryansk, to plan, to select crops that will be planted, in General, to do this object. We in Bryansk waiting crew.

so we don’t the big bad wolf?

— Not terrible. We — neat, but will run for two days.

Your movies you always shoot in the Bryansk region. It’s certainly easier to work where everything you know, but there are other interesting places.

make any difference to me where the vegetable garden in the Kursk, Bryansk, Voronezh and Oryol region? The garden has a vegetable garden. The regional city a regional city. Does not matter what kind. Bryansk me love and help. No good deed goes unpunished. And not because Bryansk is my Motherland, although that, too. We can say that the entire Bryansk oblast was our film set. It is very diverse, there is anything you can remove. Shooting is not simple, and help is always needed. But we work not only in the Bryansk region, but also in the Kursk and in Sochi, Moscow and Gomel. The main character lives in Bryansk, and her lover — in Kursk.

the Crew on the SELthe op nature in the Bryansk region. Granted the crew of the film “the Garden”

Who’s your gardener?

— This is a story about love, 70-year-old. The main character will play Valentina Telichkina. We sent her the script and she the next day called back. I’ve never worked with the actress of such level as Valentina Telichkina. Thanks to Sergey Gerasimov, my teacher, with whom Valentina was filmed, we speak the same language. She is so suited to the role! We talk, develop the image, discuss what might be the costumes and makeup. When I wrote the script, thought it was about her. Elena Sanaeva will play the sister of the main character. She also liked the role. And the main character we found in Kursk. I was filming the documentary film “agricultural show” and drew attention to the entertainer and stand up comedian Yury Kutafin. And when wrote the script, was it.

Why all of a sudden wanted to tell you about love young people?

— About the young and love them all removed, and the old thrown overboard. They are not interesting. But mankind is rejuvenated, and in 70 years people do not consider themselves old.

— In early March you were “Once in Trubchevsk” and in Paris at the festival of Russian cinema. It was planned to hire in France. Helps you train at the Cannes festival? Maybe at least now the Ministry of culture will support you.

— Yes, we managed to open the festival on the eve of terrible events. Rental in France is scheduled for April 29, but I think now it will not start. Let’s see what will be the decision of the Ministry of culture. To do this, we do not give money. I hope something will change. The scenario is, I think, we did good.

You wrote it together? Shared features on male-female?

— This is the second co-written with Rustam Shadowym scenario. The first was for the series. In “Garden» for men meets Rustam, but not only. But made up a story of us together.

the Film, as you used to be minimalistic? Will you participate non-professional actors?

— Yes, but they will be less than “Trubchevsk”. We held a casting in Bryansk, and we will have a lot of local actors. Small roles mostly play actors Bryansk theaters. I’m such a good guy for the role of the police found there in the youth Theatre. He lived in Moscow, I would long ago have become a star. In Gomel, probably in a small role also invite Belarusian artists. Due to the fact that many objects and regions, chamber project will not name. We have 38 characters. Perhaps the most complex picture of those that we shot. In Gomel will remove the sanatorium, where I recently vacationed with my mom.

Interested Directors have formed a mosaic: a rest — and here is the finished object.

— of Course, shoot what you know. Write a script and immediately imagine a specific place. I don’t work the way that up — and then went on the mother Russia to choose the location.