How’s our children? To answer this question, took the health insurance company DAK, together with the University of Bielefeld, the disease and the health care of children and young people in Germany in the year 2016 under the microscope. For the study, data from 587.977 children and young people in all of the länder, from the newborn age up to 18. The age of examined and evaluated.

The results have been published broken down in the past few weeks, and at the country level. The star has worn all of the Reports and selected results in the data below quiz prepared.

Quiz: How often children suffer from certain diseases?

So it goes: Move the Slider to an estimate. Then, you press “Next”. You will get your result in comparison to the selected state, respectively, in Germany, displayed. If you move the mouse over the dots, or tap to get more information.

let’s go’ – test your Knowledge:

source: DAK


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