Left in Sheremetyevo children can return to their families

Photo: a screenshot of the TV channel Moscow 24

Grandma and grandpa left at the airport Sheremetyevo children ready to take them, said the Minister of social protection of population of the Khabarovsk territory Svetlana Petukhova.

According to her, the main task of specialists of the system of prevention is to return the boys to their families, reports TASS. Petukhov said that the terms grandma and grandpa good.

January 26, male, arrived from Khabarovsk to Moscow with two children 2011 and 2014 birth, let them be alone at the airport. Investigators have established the identity of the parents of the children. After the father left the children, he flew to Rostov-on-don.

a criminal case Was initiated. Later, a man came to the investigators with a confession and testified.

Now the children are in the hospital. Guys have to bring to the region by the end of the week. The entire set of documents is ready, the acceptance of children to the place of residence from the boy’s mother received, said Petukhov.

Mother said it was ready to pick up the boys. At the same time it was reported that the parents divorced and she maintained relations with her ex-husband and children. The man asked not to give the mother’s sons.

the Prosecutor General instructed the prosecutors of the Moscow region and Khabarovsk territory to check the functioning of organs of prevention of neglect of children with dysfunctional families. The inspection bodies of the prevention system will also be conducted by the specialists of the Ombudsman under the RF President on the rights of the child.

In the administration of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, said that teachers had no complaints to the care and appearance of children. Teachers and educators argued that children are educated.

the Teacher said that communication was through the father. Mom, in her words, paid no attention to the successes of the children since last spring.

What is the fate of abandoned children at Sheremetyevo airport.

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