The expert explained how to determine underfilling of gasoline at the gas station

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Unscrupulous station staff can not last in the car gasoline due to the machinations of columns. About it motorists warned Executive Director of a diversified holding Group Goldman Dmitry Helmersen.

according to RIA Novosti, the expert urged to pay attention to the brand of filling stations and refueling behavior.

“to avoid cheating in the Gulf of fuel at filling stations, you need to refuel from a trusted network, though there may lie in wait for the deception on the part of unscrupulous employees – for example, a twisted column. We are talking about the fault counters in the columns,” said Elementin.

According to experts, it is necessary to monitor the filling process personally, but also take into account the technical characteristics of the car. Due to the fact that the tanks did not require the full Bay of fuel, consider the percentage uncertainties in domestic machines it can reach 15 percent.

“Full tank needs to be refilled for long trips when there is a risk to give up without fuel. In the city the better to keep the car” – said Elementin.

Earlier it was reported that in 2019 the price of gasoline in Russia has shown minimal growth over 11 years. With the beginning of the year to 16 December the analysts have recorded only a 1.9 per cent rise in price of fuel. The energy Ministry and FAS this figure is explained using the system of partial reimbursement of lost profits to producers.

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