Denmark is in the future ruled by the social Democrat Mette Frederiksen. After nearly three weeks of negotiations, the 41-Year-old agreed with the other parties of the left-wing camp, on a government agreement.

the announced the future Prime Minister shortly before midnight in the night to Wednesday in Copenhagen. Your party wants to rule, therefore, a purely social democratic minority government, supported by the other parties of the so-called red block.

“We could not know whether it will succeed, as we have started. The four parties with very different histories and attitudes. Now, we are on target,” said Frederiksen to the side of the other involved party leaders about the negotiations.

To count the agreements, among other things, that Denmark wishes to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 1990, to 70 percent, said Frederiksen. In the fight against the climate crisis, Denmark wishes to go ahead, additionally, the social inequality should be reduced, as well as training and Integration will be strengthened. You announced to go on Wednesday, Queen Margrethe II, to put this on the agreement in regard to.

Frederiksens social Democrats in the Danish Parliament election on may 5. June to become the strongest force that the red Block had achieved a majority. Since then, the election winner with the Socialist people’s party (SF), the unity list and the social-liberal radikale Venstre (RV) negotiated on a possible collaboration for 20 days. What sounds for German readers, quickly, for the Danes have a relatively long phase of negotiations: Since 1988, the government had to take a negotiations for so long, the outgoing head of the government, Lars Løkke Rasmussen needed in 2015, for example, only half of this time.

Frederiksen had already announced during the election campaign, a minority government that wants to work together on the majority of issues with the red Block. At the time of Migration, the social Democrats represented an unusually strict strategy, it could, however, put on voices from the bourgeois-liberal camp to Løkke.

Denmark is in order for the second Time, according to Helle Thorning-Schmidt, a woman as head of government. Frederiksen is also 41 years younger than any of the Danish Prime Minister in front of her. Also Europe-wide – it’s only a month older than of France Emmanuel Macron is one of you in the future to the recent heads of state and government.



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