Lego has recently introduced a new project, the blind and visually impaired children to Braille or Braille to learn, in an appealing way. The “Lego Braille Set”, a concept that the toy company was originally proposed by two charity organizations, is to enable the children to learn the tactile Writing System in a fun way.

game of stones with the dot patterns of the Braille “Eric … through foreign eyes” A life with blindness is not so different – you have to it. only be understood By Susanne Baller

The Lego-stones that are expected to be in the year 2024, available everywhere, have on the surface of the dot pattern and the increases, which are used for the Braille is usually In addition, there will be on each stone, characters printed to include family members, teachers, and children without visual impairment. The Barille-stones should be stones also compatible with existing Lego, the company declared in its press release.

The Danish Association of the blind proposed by the Lego Foundation, the concept for the first time in 2011, another proposal came up again in 2017 of the Dorina Nowill Foundation for the Blind in Brazil. The “CNN”, said a spokesperson from Lego that the company had designed then, together with these and other organisations in England and Norway, the first prototypes of the stones.

In the summer of 2019 also in German schools

this is now on the market-tested Set was created: It includes 250 bricks, covering the whole of the Braille Alphabet, Numbers from zero to nine, mathematical symbols, and interactive learning methods for teaching. So far, the Braille to be used-stones, only in Portuguese, Danish, English and Norwegian schools. In Spain, France and Germany, the Set is to be tested, however, in the summer of this year, writes “CNN”.

“Smartphone Blindness” looking at night, on your Smartphone, you can temporarily “blind”

the goal is to distribute the Lego Braille Set finally free with the help of partner organizations at the various institutions. Philippe Chazal, the French Treasurer of the European blind Union (ESA), explains in the press release: “With the help of audio books and computer programs are now reading fewer and fewer children in the situation and Write using the Braille.”

it was a pity, because he knew that Braille users are often independent, have a higher level of education and better employment opportunities. “We are firmly convinced that the Lego-Braille-stones can increase the interest in the Learning of Braille. Therefore, we are very happy that the Lego Foundation makes it possible to promote this concept and to make children around the world,” he added in his statement.

< p > the Inspiration for all

His opinion is also David Clakre, Director of the Royal National Institute of Blind People, sees the Innovation as an opportunity for the kids, in a fun way with friends and classmates to interact. And also Morton Bonde, Art Director at the Lego group, suffering himself to an eye disease, is stirred writes of the positive effects of the product, “CNN”: “It has reminded me that the only limitations in my life to be, I myself in my mind to create.”

source: “press release-Lego” / “CNN”



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