Leo Vlodzimirsky: what shot of the investigator who arrested the son of Stalin

Crime 24/01/20 lion Vlodzimirsky: what shot of the investigator who was arrested by Stalin’s son

As rightly noticed by the famous military historian Andrey Sukhomlinov, the lion Vlodzimirsky still remains one of the most unexplored personalities among the high-ranking Soviet officials of Stalinist pores. However, it Vlodzimirsky took a direct part in the repression, as well as in the investigation of the “Fourth Reich” and even in the arrest of Vasily Stalin.

Career growth

Leo yemelianovich Vlodzimirsky was born in 1905 in Barnaul. According to Elena Prudnikova, author of the book “Beria. Crimes, which was not” father Vlodzimirsky worked as an inspector of passenger trains. That is why the family have not once changed their place of residence. Three classes of commercial College Leo graduated from is already far from his native Barnaul — Moscow. In addition, the Bank Vlodzimirsky had courses at the political Department of the black sea fleet and the evening sowetskoe the second stage. After graduating, Leo went to the front, and then entered the service of the GPU.

Despite the fact that his career in the political Department Vlodzimirsky started to build quite late, he quickly rose through the ranks. A year later Leo yemelianovich has held the position of head of an investigation team in the criminal investigation. By 1941, when Lavrenty Beria appeared in the capital, Vlodzimirsky was already the head of the investigative unit of the NKGB of the USSR. Since then, he has been among the most loyal supporters of Beria.

“the Fourth Reich” and the arrest of Stalin’s son

Perhaps it is because of “friendship” with Beria lion Vlodzimirsky entrusted the most responsible and high-profile cases in those years. For example, if you believe the memoirs of Vasily Stalin “From the father will not recant!”, it Vlodzimirsky engaged a group of “Fourth Reich”, which was organized by the children of senior officials. Vladimir Shakhurin, the son of the Commissar of the aviation industry, together with his companions “prepared” to become the head of the state, and each other referred to as gruppenfuhrer and the reichsfuehrer. However, all members of the “Fourth Reich”, except the dead Shakhurin and his girlfriend, this story ended well: they simply sent away from Moscow.

Direct part lion Vlodzimirsky took in the fate of Vasily Stalin mentioned. Leonid Mlechin writes in his book “the Kremlin-1953. The struggle for power with a fatal outcome”, the resolution on arrest of the son of Stalin in 1953 was signed by the head of the investigative unit for particularly important cases of Ministry of internal Affairs of the USSR Lieutenant General Leo Vlodzimirsky. However, by the time the Vlodzimirsky days were numbered.

Penalty and partial denial of rehabilitation

After that summer of 1953, Beria was taken into custody, the Lion Vlodzimirsky with a high post asked, and then was arrested. Due to the fact that Beria was declared a spy, and his entourage also came under attack. A few months later Vlodzimirsky, as well as other members of the “gang” Beria, including those of Bogdan Kobulov and Vsevolod Merkulov, Sergo Goglidze, Vladimir Dekanozov, Pavel Mexica, was sentenced to death. The sentence was executed at the end of December.

according to Nicholas Zenkovich in his “Encyclopedic dictionary of Russian life and history,” in the late 1990-ies the relatives of the executed turned to the authorities asking them about their rehabilitation. In 1999 the Military Prosecutor’s office replied that it found no grounds for this procedure. However, after a few months the Supreme court still took the Lion Vlodzimirsky charges of treason, terrorism and counter-revolutionary activities. As for abuse of power, then this article, the court left unchanged.

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