Starts a new week of vertigo in the british policy, in which any twist is possible, but the Uk has woken up this Monday with the near certainty that they will go to the polls next month of December, once Brussels has decided to grant a further extension of three months.

Boris Johnson keeps his intention of submitting to the vote, from six in the evening (cet) with a new proposed expedited election. Nothing suggests that you can take it out later, because the Law of Parliamentary Mandate Fixed of 2011 imposes a two-thirds majority of the House of Commons to call for elections before they have been five years. It would need the support of the opposition, and labour have already indicated they will vote against or abstain. Have established as a priority to ensure that it is completely ruled out a Brexit without an agreement. Don’t trust Johnson, and claimed an explicit commitment that it will prevent a disorderly EU.


The Parliament to Johnson: “we don’t lose the time or we lack respect,” The journey of an apple through the Brexit Massive pulse in London for a new referendum

London was confident that Brussels will agree to this Monday a new extension. Will be extended three months, until 31 January, the date of departure, and offers the possibility to shorten this period if Westminster is ratified before the Agreement of Withdrawal of Johnson. The prime minister finally admitted last week that the extra time was inevitable and renounced its promise to pull the Uk out of the eu institutions on the 31st of October, “life or death”. In exchange, offered to the opposition to negotiate the timetable for processing legislation of the agreement and be able to have new general elections on 12 December.

A new proposal by the Liberal Democrat Party has made the Government see the light at the end of the tunnel. The training that leads Jo Swinson, with 19 members, it has been indicated to Johnson that it would be willing to support an advance election and that the ballot box is placed on the 9th of December, three days before the date suggested by Downing Street. This difference, which seems insignificant, is important. Day 9 will still be in class, university students. Have not started yet their return holiday to their respective homes. It is the sector of the population where the more support you have the vote, anti-Brexit and pro-european, and where the more attractive the option the liberal democrats. And it is much more easy to vote in their respective faculties to do it in express mode when you start to enjoy the christmas holidays.

Next to the liberal democrats, the nationalist scots SNP (35 deputies) would be willing to support that breakthrough election. They have their own reasons. At the beginning of 2022 will be at its peak, the trial against its former leader Alex Salmond for sexual harassment and possible attempted rape of two women workers of the party. Want to avoid at all costs the matter to interfere in the election campaign.

The legal solution

The Liberal Democratic Party has proposed to Johnson that is present, for approval by a simple majority, a law of hardly a line in the change —only for a given occasion— the Law of the Parliamentary Mandate Fixed. Liberal democrats and nationalist scots would engage to give him their support without adding a single amendment. That was the main fear of the conservatives, they suspected that if they were taking this route could sneak added to the legal text such as lowering the voting age to 16 years of age or to permit the electoral participation of EU citizens residing in the United Kingdom.

If the Downing Street fail Monday in their effort and does not come out ahead with the ballot measure, has already shown willing to consider the proposal of liberal democrat and negotiate an expedited processing.

then that Will be the Labour Party that will be out of the game, by refusing to an advance election that had spent a year begging, and end up holding a position of irrelevance in a time in which the polls predict for them a bad result.


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