Chop Suey with rice from the TK-division, half-cooked rice for the microwave in the practical Alutüte or Sushi-to-go on every street corner (at least in big cities). It has never been easier Convenience to purchase products and to enjoy, above all, quickly. Especially professional the offer comes to Fast Food and ready meals. Save the long time in the kitchen. Unfortunately, important Knowledge is lost. For example, something Mundane like cook Rice.

Almost every well-stocked household nowadays has a rice cooker, the joins in addition to induction cooker, blender and kitchen machine. A rice cooker is convenient. With a measuring Cup to the desired amount in the pot, in it lines up to where the water needs to be replenished. Then you have to do is press a button and wait. The result can be seen, the rice is perfectly cooked.

Who knows but still, how to rice in a normal pot cooks? These seven steps will give you ancient Knowledge, then you can cook even without the great technologies of rice. What mistakes can be made usually and how you can avoid, can be found in range of our images.

Seven typical errors when you cook Rice

1. You forget the rice and water gauge

2. They treat all varieties of rice equal to

3. Wash or not soft the rice a

4. Stir in rice

5. You can cook rice at the wrong temperature

6. Spice up your rice

7. Let your rice is not



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