Since one and a half weeks, the RTL jungle camp is running now. Since then, the more or less prominent Show fight-participants through the various tests. Among other things, the consumption of the courts, the cases in this country, probably only in the exception to find the way to the plate.

kangaroo testicles, wild boar Anus or the brain of the sheep are just a few of the “delights” which celebrities are to be brought to your (disgust)limits. Millions of TV viewers to the day-to-day not to be missed, and now have increasingly the opportunity to test at least similar dishes.

Old noodle manufactory – new product you will never guess what’s in these noodles tip are made (: it has six legs) DPA insect food á la jungle camp in the supermarket

the Discounter has net the current week even the – albeit slightly modified – jungle-themed “I’m a deal – Get me out of here”. For the culinary Brave, specifically, in the range: four different varieties of insects noodles. The normal Pasta-based frozen products have a ten percent share in a meal worm powder. Price per 400-gram pack: 2.99 Euro.

leading the way is a net with his offer. So 2018 is in the case of Rewe already since April to acquire in some stores an “insect Burger” that was made by the German TV Show “die höhle der Löwen”. The product of the normal meat Patty is a mixture of Buffalo worms (larvae of the glossy black grain mold beetle, Anm. d. Red.) and Soya replaced (about six Euro).

The drugstore chain dm culinary adventurers are also types of pasta that exist in Parts of insects. There is also a Tagliatelle and noodles with a ten percent Buffalowurmranteil. The 250-gram pack for 3.95 Euro.

The Hamburg-based drugstore chain Budnikowsky has, in turn, for some time, the protein bars “Swarm” of insects and the proportion, among other things, a powder from crickets, in the range.

Very Fancy, there are also

if all this is still not unusual enough, in the Internet find. There’s all hoppers of dried grass, grasshoppers and beetles to the raised meal worms pretty much available, what is the request experimental palate, partly in the practical starter set with several different insect varieties. Probably.



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