A picture of the “Rupfi” known Christmas tree from the Erfurt Christmas market now decorates the skin of the forensic Mark Benecke biologists.

“RUPFI, the chopped Christmas tree from the Erfurt Christmas market in 2018/19, is now forever on my skin,” wrote the often as “Dr. Maggot” referred to an expert for biological traces at the murder cases, on Thursday on Facebook.

For evidence, Benecke also found some photos of the Tattoo online. The body of 48-Year-old various Tattoos adorn in the meantime, tens of a pink Erfurt broad bean is one of them. The Name of the type of bean is used for historical reasons, as well as a nickname for residents of the city.

The Erfurt Christmas tree “Rupfi” had been harvested during the recent Christmas market, the first to ridicule: The spruce was provided anything other than lush with needles. Over the Internet, the tree achieved great recognition and eventually found his way into the American edition of fashion magazine “Vogue”.



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