Lisa (as the eldest daughter of The Simpsons) and Gandalf (as the magician of the lord of The rings). Those were the two names in the key with which the alleged members of the Team RespuestaTáctica (ERT), the most radical sector of the so-called Committees for the Defense of the Republic (CDR), referred to the former president of the Catalan government, Carles Puigdemont, and his successor, Quim Torra, as stated in the interventions telephone incorporated in the summary that it has had access to THE COUNTRY. In one of those conversations, that keep two of the jailed, Ferran Jolis and Xavier Buigas, the first ensures that he had arranged a meeting with Anna Puigdemont, the sister of the former president of Catalan, which is referred to as “the sister of Lisa”. “Lisa, I understand, is the code name of which is with the flemish in Belgium, the number one for me you understand,” he explains Jolis to his companion. Buigas responds: “Yes, yes, Waterloo”, in reference to the belgian town where Puigdemont has set its residence after fleeing the Spanish justice.


The mission of the COR: enclosed with Torra a week in the Parliament, The Government warns that if the protests of the CDR-inhibiting the 10-N can be a crime

In that same conversation, Jolis claims to be working with the brothers Puigdemont “for blindarles communication” both between the two as a third character named Gandalf. “Gandalf is the one that is here, that you know who he is right?”. “Yes, yes, yes,” is the response of your interlocutor. Although none of the two appointment expressly Torra, the Guardia Civil concluded that it refers to the current chief Executive of the Catalan language. In the rest of the conversation between the two alleged members of the ERT, re-used names in the key of Smooth and Gandalf on several occasions to refer to the alleged security measures that they take to put in contact to one another.

So, Jolis details how they kept up a clandestine meeting with the sister of Puigdemont —”to advance and cars behind for surveillance, a meeting mobile in a vehicle with her”— and ensures that they would repeat the maneuver with the president. “With Gandalf contacted via Julia with the child and the child will manage a meeting like,” he says. However, the alleged member of the ERT admits that the meeting with this will be more complicated because the service of protection of the Mossos which accompanies it permanently “can’t stop”.

“The purpose is to shield a secure communication channels, with whom?” between Lisa and Gandalf, and obviously between them and members of their families, but also between them and me,” says Jolis to your partner. This inmate also told the agents that were called “peanuts” to secure phones, that contained cards registered under false names.


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