The Model 3 is the great hope of the E-car manufacturer Tesla. Now, there is a major setback. The influential U.S. consumer magazine Consumer Reports has suspended its recommendation for the Tesla Model 3 after less than a year. To justify the testers referred on Thursday to complaints from owners about loose-fitting outer parts of the vehicle, and defective discs. On the exchange of Tesla’s shares were subsequently felt under pressure.

Cheap base model Tesla delivers first Model-3-vehicles in Germany, from Reuters, Tesla is repeated in the criticism

The recommendations from Consumer Reports – similar to us the results of the Foundation were observed in a test in the United States and are sought after by manufacturers. In Tesla, the auditors had been frequent criticism.

First of all, had you not advised due to a weak brake performance and other defects from the purchase of Model 3, this assessment in may of 2018, but after a Software Update and re-Tests revised. The Model 3 is Tesla’s first cheaper car, which will help to pave the way in the mass market.

The star is driving the Tesla Model 3, for Germany to start test. Click here to read the trial report

test-drive Premiere in Germany, The Tesla Model 3, than it would be by a giant rubber band

pulled The Tesla Model 3 comes finally to Germany. star editor Frank Janssen was allowed to rotate in the first round and him a lot didn’t like. The acceleration to the skin, however.

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