The Suzuki Jimny was always the opposite of a poser SUVs: A small car with little horsepower was stuck on forest trails and terrain, the Mini off-roader for every Super-SUV in the bag.

The previous Generation of the Jimny looked pretty frumpy. A car that really only hunters and forest workers were happy to have. The new model is reminiscent of the form language to the legendary G-class. Only that it is significantly smaller. In any case, the new Design is very good. In several European countries, the annual quota was already in January on new Jimnys sold out. The small gasp has established itself as a Lifestyle product.

monster version of the Suzuki Jimny

Because it wasn’t long before the Suzuki was upgraded. The Japanese Tuner Wald has introduced a monster version of the Tiny’s: the Wald Sports Line Black Bison Edition. The “Black Bison”series of the forest is known to turn cars into fearsome, Matt black Monster. For example, the 7-series of BMW. With the Mini car of Suzuki Tuner in uncharted territory.

The result is more than impressive. As expected, the car underneath has been expanded properly. Huge tires on black rims in the widened fenders give the Black Bison, a powerful Stand. The new grille stretches dominant up to the hood on once huge air intakes. Whatever, the small Motor does not need the additional fresh air for sure. Also the front bumper has been inflated in the manner of a hose, the boot lip.

The headlights are Full LED, on the roof a “Roof LED Basement” was fitted with additional headlights. To him, two wings are mounted. Unfortunately, the spare wheel has been removed to the rear door. Probably the new tires for this Assembly are simply too big.

The Suzuki Jimny has little power,

The concept is for the European taste a little strange, because the forest seems to have the drive train is not touched. Only the exhaust has been upgraded visually. Therefore, the 1.5-Liter four-cylinder engine, which is a rather weak motorization.

The Jimny in Wald Sports Line Black Bison Edition was not rendered on the Computer. The model was presented in sheet metal and rubber on the Tokyo Auto Salon. Supposedly, the Suzuki should also be available “soon” in Europe, but on the prices of forest is silent.

The normal Suzuki Jimny will cost between 18,000 and 20,000 euros. Given the list of ingredients of the forest should be expected with a doubling of the price. For this, you can look forward then to the car with the most aggressive Look and the smallest engine.

Offroader Suzuki Jimny in the off – road this thing is not to stop

The Jimny is a legend. Hardly a car makes the terrain more than the pipsqueak from Japan. The new Version offers even more off-road qualities than before and has a striking appearance.


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