Low calorie diet affect the mental state of the person

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the Mental state of a person is directly related to food, informs “Evening Moscow”. So, low-calorie diets make people angry and depressed, I’m sure a psychologist from the University of London Caroline Kamau.

the dietary Restrictions and the associated lack of fat in the body adversely affect the emotional health of losing weight. In some cases, it can lead to depression.

it Turned out that the cholesterol in addition, which increases the risk of developing diseases of the heart and blood vessels, also affects the level of serotonin in the body, which increases impulsiveness and aggression.

in Order to avoid a depressed state and physical ailments specialist recommend daily to consume enough dietary fats, in order for the body to obtain necessary nutrients. In addition, it is not necessary to exclude from the diet foods that contain proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and fiber.

among the healthy meals Kamau took fatty fish, and advised to eat vegetables, fruits and olive oil. In turn, sweet and artificially created TRANS fats, she urged to avoid.

Earlier, a doctor told what disease can be corrected by nutrition. It turned out that the number of complaints of the gastrointestinal tract and pain in different areas can be cured with a relaxed lifestyle and compliance with individually tailored diet plan.

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