Emmanuel Macron is now officially on vacation. The presidential couple has joined the fort de Bregancon, the official residence of the head of State, and the president has asked his ministers to “rest” to prepare “back-loaded”.

[updated July 26, 2019 at 17h24] Emmanuel Macron has arrived Thursday, July 25, at the fort of Brégançon, where he is officially on vacation. The presidential couple has made the choice for her vacation in this resort-official president of the Republic, located near the commune of Bormes-les-Mimosas, in the Var department. Emmanuel and Bridget Macron were already rendered by may, and August, 2018, for a holiday representing a total cost of 72 043 euros according to the Court of accounts.

On Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron attended the council of ministers. It was the last before a period of leave for all members of the government. And according to the spokesperson of the government Sibeth Ndiaye, quoted by AFP, the president has called the members of the government to “relax” and “full of energy” prior to a “back-loaded”. The Elysée has also indicated that “this moment of quiet to be studious”. Emmanuel Macron will therefore not be completely cut off during these summer holidays.

Emmanuel Macron will have many folders to deal with at the start of the school

If this leave is “studious”, it is because Emmanuel Macron will be plenty to do. The president must, for example, continue to track and monitor important issues, that this is in the news with the heat wave and drought, or international, with a resurgence of tensions between Iran and the United States. Emmanuel Macron will also need to meet with Boris Johnson, the new british Prime minister ; the head of State assured that he would call after his official appointment. He has since invited to an official State visit in France. It is also expected to attend the 15 August to the ceremonies of the 75th anniversary of the Landing in Provence.

Emmanuel Macron should also devote a portion of his time to prepare for the start of the year. In fact, it will host the G7 to Biarritz as soon as the 26 and 27 August. The Council of ministers re-entry had taken place a few days before, on August 21. New folders will also be seeking the president and his government at the start of the year. The ministers will probably have to defend himself before the Assembly the draft law on the enlargement of the medically assisted procreation (PMA) after the examination in July. Negotiations should also be initiated about the pension reform, for a presentation of a draft law to the council of ministers in the fall and a vote in Parliament in 2023.

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