As a room betrayed girl now, with this seemingly lovingly folded triangle at the top of the toilet paper roll to do exactly one thing: you Throw it away.

maid warns of unhygienic toilet paper

How to get a maid betrayed some time ago, towards the Portal Focus will initially cleaned the entire hotel room before the little corner will be folded in the toilet paper. Since the cleaning staff don’t wash after Brushing, mostly the hands, was precisely of this corner of the roll of toilet paper as unsanitary. Here you’ll learn, by the way, what are some of the Hotels, with soap, after using it.

The maid’s advice: Prefer two to three layers of the toilet paper roll unwinding and throw it away. Use, and should not be determined by the triangle.

Also interesting: Why you should have your suitcase at the Hotel, never on the floor. And: the hotel employee advises: never Leave their toothbrush in the room.


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