Update of 29. March: “The love wins anyway” is the name of Maite Kelly’s current Show. With this tour, the singer, whose musical roots lie in the family band, Kelly Family, straight through the whole of Germany. On Wednesday, they also took in the culture and Congress centre Gera-Holding and presented their Songs there. The Feedback there was overwhelmingly positive.

won the beginning of it according to the cultural critics and the hearts of the audience, as you told that you could have your black dress twice and to change, if it would tear. The performance with songs from her album “The love wins anyway” was just as successful. However, there is also criticism of a specific Detail of the performance.

Maite Kelly sings in Gera – a Detail ensures criticism

in addition to Maite Kelly and Vorsängerin Judith Hesse were also many men part their Show. However, it lacked these in the appropriate clothing – they were, according to the concert review the East newspaper “half-naked”. Also when the dancers arrived well, and was referred to this part of the presentation in the critique as “something covered in translucent”.

And one more point of criticism: The appearance in Gera was probably a front to back Show. Maite Kelly had mixed a large Dose of self-staging, the performances, the audience and always of the great love raved. According to the criticism a bit too much staging.

Otherwise, Kelly is overwhelmed, however, almost with praise. “The Thuringian audience was able to experience a open-minded great singer in a chatting mood, and also delivered down to the smallest Detail thought-out stage show.” The singer was thrilled by the audience. “Love is worth it. Thank you, Gera, for Your heart!“ she writes over a picture of the appearance of Gera.

Numerous Fans expressed their gratitude in addition to Social Media for the “super Show”. “It was wonderful”, “Thank you, Maite and her great Team”, “It was just WOW.”

Maite Kelly tells intimate Details about your Ex physically, you are here for something

Update from the 20. March: on The topic of love Maite Kelly (39) takes no sheet before the mouth. Currently, the singer is officially Single. But apparently there has been a new man on the side of Maite Kelly, as in the celebrity sheet Colorful to read.

About this relationship the musician had betrayed, so far, not a Peep. In an Interview with Barbara schöneberger, the 39-Year-old, however, is a spicy Detail to her Ex-friend price. And why is your Liaison in the fractures went.

“couldn’t touch me,” said the singer, according to Colorful. With the woman standing in the spotlight on the stage, had her Ex-boyfriend apparently problems. “He found me as a Maite great, but as soon as Maite Kelly was there, he got really scared. I think he also broke up with me because of Maite Kelly.“

Maite Kelly with love confession in the case of Barbara schöneberger

Update vom 14. March: Professionally it is the case of Maite Kelly at the moment, absolutely about: new Album, new Hits and a new Tour through Germany and Austria. Since the 14th century. March, performing the singer’s back on the big stages. But how it actually looks like a private with her? On your Facebook Account and as a guest on Barbara schöneberger, the singer revealed again and again, Details to love. You are told which properties do not need to have your dream man, what’s even in a relationship, or how important you are is a man in your life. Maite Kelly heated up the speculation about your love life-literally. But a question remained expertly, always unanswered. It is awarded?

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Since then, Maite Kelly in 2017, separated after twelve years of marriage, her husband Florent Michel Raimond, is the singer Single. In your love life, it seems to be silent. Now the 39-Year-old expressed to t-online.de again on the theme of love. Also about your relationship status?

Maite Kelly about their relationship: “With all my heart”

One thing is for the singer, at least not immediately: “When it comes to love, I have never made a mistake.” Maite Kelly is with her private life completely satisfied. You regret none of your a few, but the right relationships, the singer compared to t-online. Every relationship was “always honest, with the whole soul, with all your heart”. She takes the love to his own statement, “very, very seriously”.

A unique reference to your relationship status, the 39-Year-old then, but still. As to the question: “do you Fall in love quickly,” she has a crystal-clear answer. “I’m a Sagittarius. Schütziger. We need a very long time before we can say we are in love.“

But your new Song “tonight and forever” is still a question. There she sings finally, from One-Night Stands. Of their own One-Night-Stand? In the Interview, she stressed the seriousness of relationships. This is also correct. “I’ve never had in my life, a One-Night-Stand”, affirms the singer. Because in her Song she sings is rather the opposite of a quick fling. With “night that lasts forever” is the 39-Year-old to the big love. And for a One-Night Stand, Maite Kelly would not be in anyway the type. “I’m a Sagittarius, I must be in love”, she says at t-online.

Maite Kelly stunned Barbara schöneberger with private words: “For me a taboo”

message vom 07. March: Cologne – Maite Kelly (39) is currently on a solo tour. After twelve years of marriage, the pop singer had separated from her husband Florent. After the love From the divorce followed in 2018.

Since then, rumors about a new man bubbling back to the side of Maite Kelly. The gossip press had already identified Florian silver iron as a possible new Partner. Maite Kelly & Florian Silbereisen have already been traded as a new dream couple in the world. Both Single, both were already standing on stage together – a nice thought.

Maite Kelly: What’s really going on in the case of a pop star? Singer reveals presenter Barbara Schöneberger

it is often the 39-Year-old self faster with the help of her perky kind of speculation about their relationship status. “A woman like me does not stay long on the market,” said Maite Kelly, in an Interview to the tabloid “The new paper”. The blonde didn’t want to go into Detail.

In the love life of the three-fold mother, it looks a few months later, it seems to always be pretty slow. In a Radio Interview Maite Kelly reveals desires intimate Details about their men. The singer speaks openly about taboos and who has no Chance at all with her.

“I need a guy who loves me even when I look in the morning, shit,” says Maite Kelly when Radio Talk-barba radio with Barbara schöneberger. The Format runs on Saturdays from 11 am to 13 PM and Sundays from 16 to 18 hours. barba radio on www.barbaradio.de via the App, the whole Interview is on 9. March first aired.

on top of that, the blonde pretty picky. In the case of the German celebrity men, no “hot finds itself in”. Musicians have also no Chance to learn how in a pre-message to broadcast. With musicians in the family, Kelly knows. She became known in the 1990s as a member of the Kelly Family (“Angel”).

Maite Kelly told Barbara schöneberger: singer has got really not in the mood

Maite Kelly, therefore, not in the mood to philosophize all night about music. Absolute No-Go are for the musician of the men already have a partner: “for me, This is taboo. Guys in a relationship are for me a red rag.“

This type of man Maite Kelly in the sights

In search of your happiness in love has accounted for the singer, however, a special kind of man. Particularly attractive, she finds, in his own words “types of economy”. “So with a suit and tie – I think the crazy women,” explains Maite Interview Kelly on the Radio.

Whether this prey promises to scheme success, it will show. Opposites attract, Yes, it is called. Singer Maite Kelly has behaved in any case, at a gig in Bottrop, 2018 kind of beside the point. Their Fans reacted in shock.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram

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