That was on Monday, as the Munich transport company (MVG) has published a report, according to which a Dachshund guard Patrol in the subway will go. “In the case of large Events such as football games and the Oktoberfest to the four-legged helper in the future to prevent situations from escalating,” it said.

However, the story was an April fool’s joke. The CSU is doing now but really Seriously, “the joke” is it then in an official request. The city Council will be presented a concept, such as the Dachshund in the strip service of the subway guard. Group chief Manuel Pretzl said: “Dachshund sympathy. The small four-legged friend immediately in a good mood and lift the spirits. We want to take advantage of these positive aspects now for our U-Bahn-station.“

“A Dachshund is complemented perfectly fits the application area of the U-Bahn”

CSU councillor Hans Sour: “The Dachshund is a hunting dog with a long Tradition and loyal companion. Due to its compact physique, he fits in perfectly to the area of application of the U-Bahn station. What was intended as an April fool’s joke is now a reality.“ How realistic is that? MVG-speaker Matthias Korte said, “We are delighted that the idea has been so well received. We had reactions from all over Germany.“ However, implementation was excluded. “It will remain to be a April fool’s joke.”

see also: Munich grows and this applies not only to the biped. Because the number of dogs increases, every year there are 1000 more. However, more and more holder is Bouncing, the dog tax.


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