is Already here the new album of Asterix, The daughter of Vercingétorix (Salvat, editions in Spanish, Catalan, basque, galician and asturian), with his gauls ever (the entire cast of the village), his magic potion, his usual roman camps surrounding (less aggressive this time and close to the defensive formation of the turtle, but this is not the pound of slapping the face), their hapless pirates (also here with less latinisms, just one, sign, ay of the times) and even his inevitable cameo (Charles Aznavour). But also new additions, the teenager and difficult (two synonyms) Adrenaline, daughter of the famous warlord gaul’s historical title, the equally among the children of pescadero Ordenalfabétix, Blínix, and the blacksmith Esautomátix, Félfix, the bad of turn the explorer renegade Adictoasérix (I) that pursues the girl protagonist to Caesar the romanice, the child gifted and hyperactive of Strictuosensus, a commander of trireme romano; a young captain briton dreamer and a pacifist, which responds to the significant name of Letitbix, and the two exlugartenientes arvernos of Vercingétorix who have been busy raising their daughter and who are obviously a couple in fact…


A teenager full of adrenaline starred in the new adventures of Asterix Asterix and Obelix face a whole crisis of a teenager

This afternoon to present the album, its creators, the writer Jean-Yves Ferri and illustrator Didier Conrad, in charge of giving continuity to the characters of René Gosciny and Albert Uderzo since 2011 by the publisher Hachette and by the own Uderzo (with this are already four titles that have been made of the series), explained the keys of the work and the difficult balance to conjugate fidelity and innovation. Given the fact that both were born in 1959, like Asterix, and have reached the age of 60 as he is.

Have agreed that this fourth album has led to less pressure and stage fright. “A lot less than the first,” said Ferri. “The tension has been easing we have been easing and now everything has been easier.” “Now we know already what is more important, we can devote all the energy to the album, the pace is lively but not as hectic, more relaxed”. The two have teenage daughters and have stated that it has helped them to shine on Adrenaline. Ferri added that they tried that their language was not very stereotyped, and who imagined that the teenagers gauls “would have their own slang”. “The challenge was to bring something new in the female character that should be universal but be inspired by real experience”, has thought Conrad. As to what it is your character new favorite, Ferri has said that the two teenagers of the village, who were the necessary actors of the protagonist, and that they appear physically to their parents, the anvil and the seafood, always to the greña, but they are mentally opposed to them. The two youngsters are already part of the great family of gauls and will meet again in the future, have been revealed. Adrenaline, in contrast, though as parents they love the creature, a character is “too strong” and “would not make sense to re-appear without having to be the center of the story”. It’s not going to be the character a door to a possible spin-off of the series, at least for the moment.

The fact that the album is suggestive of current issues as non-violence (except the romans), the ecology and even the animalism —the teens will espetan, and excuse the word, to Obelix: “Oh, at The pace that they hunt wild boar soon will become extinct!”, in the face of what the obese gaul puts on a poker face—, have pointed out that, effectively, the two warriors who adopt the girl there is an allusion to the new family models, in this case homoparental. “What we have done consciously, but not by much,” said Ferri. “I thought of them more refined, but Conrad decided to a profile more uncouth of the warriors not to fall into clichés. There is this allusion to homosexual but without insisting on it too much”. “And no, we are not a couple,” he joked Conrad.

expand photo The writer Jean-Yves Ferri and illustrator Didier Conrad, in the presentation of ‘The daughter of Vercingétorix’, today in Barcelona. SEA SIFRE

In regard to the relationship between choosing a female character and the movement, I Too, have been assured that it was not compensate for the historical lack of large strong women in the series but to do something new, while Conrad acknowledged that in the 37 albums, the only major female character has been Cleopatra. In reference to all those subjects that are on the table in the society, Ferri has pointed out that there are allusions, light, mild, but that “the vocation of Asterix is not to be militant, is a comic book of humor”. “There are many issues to explore in the saga, the more difficult it is to preserve the identity of the series and at the same time to innovate”, has thought Conrad. “In any case, we will not make an album to attract new audiences in an artificial manner,” said Ferri.

the relationship with Uderzo, 93 years old, say that it is his “godfather” and that “at the beginning, his presence was more clear, but the idea was to trust on us and pass the baton, and thus it is doing”. For the historical cartoonist “it is always a pleasure and a delight to reunite with Asterix”. They have explained that despite the fact that Obelix ensures in a bullet that you prefer to the adventures on the outside and that these have alternated in the last four albums with the that take place in the village, there is an obligation self-imposed that there be the case and that they have no preference (whichever it says to Obelix). “Each album is different and has a different story”. It seems that for the time being will not travel to Catalonia, and there will be a Asterix and the procés. “In any case we will wait until the situation becomes clear and you will see if there is a theme, we asked about it also in Portugal and Poland always”, said Ferri.

they agreed, screenwriter and artist, in that “do Asterix without being frustrated is very difficult, the key is how to bring in the continuity, follow what exists before giving something unforeseen; it is a work that, in general, does not feed our ego as you would a work of its own, though at the same time is a huge building exercise ”. Conrad has reflected that the journey with Asterix is long and with a mark of excellence that is hard to match. “It will take me years to feel fully satisfied, there are always high expectations and in front you have a Asterix ideal”.

Has been explained to Conrad that attempts to push the graphic a little to your terrain and that, like Uderzo was evolving, he can also do so. But there are difficulties. “Touch noses when someone says: ‘That piece of grass Uderzo never would have done so”. The organization of the vignette and the color is also theoretically allow action to be taken. “Uderzo is color blind and some of their strident colors for the first time and nearly psychedelic respond to that. With time the colours have been standardised, although they are always very vivid and they fit in that story so energy. It is possible that in the future, let us return to the original spirit of the color and also make Asterix returns to be more humorous”.

The historic theme of Vercingétorix, which is known —by Julius Caesar, precisely, in the war of The Gauls— the name his father, Celtillus, and to his uncle, Gobanitio, but nothing of their possible offspring, Ferri has been said that historians are divided on the matter: you could have had children or not. Has been pointed out that there is an episode during the siege of Alesia in which Vercingétorix it to kill women and children to save food for the fighters, which doesn’t seem very fatherly. On the figure of the caudillo galo has indicated that he is a national hero, somewhat ambiguous, as it is a loser, a loser. “Napoleon III tried to recover it as a sign of the unity of France, but now historians reposition in a landscape of relentless and irresistible romanization of the territory.” Vercingétorix, weighs the good vibes of the series, was led captive to Rome and, after years of captivity, executed, probably by strangulation, for a Triumph of Caesar.


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