The CIS grants the PSOE up to 150 seats in the elections of November 10, Churches ensures that Sanchez has “a plan” to agree with the PP What they say the latest polls? That low the PSOE and climbs Vox The PP is still without seats in the Basque country and maintains the Álvarez of Toledo in Catalonia The CIS attributed to Vox a strong recoil against the rest of the survey

United We would get a similar result at the general election of April 28, according to the latest barometer from the Centre for Sociological Research (CIS) published this Tuesday. The formation of Paul’s Churches would move in a range of between 37 and 45 seats, which corresponds to 14.6% of the votes with the sum of Podemos, IU and the intersections galician and Catalan. More Country would not meet its objective and be left without a parliamentary group to not reach the 5% of the votes necessary to get it. The platform led by Íñigo Errejón would amount to 2.9% of votes, far below the promise of the first encuestasque came to putting training above 6%. “We take the data of the CIS with a lot of caution. We are very confident in the week of the campaign and in the debate for the results to change”, has been the only valuation of Irene Montero, number two we Can.

The first conclusion that can be extracted from the CIS is that Churches would win to Errejón the battle for Madrid. United we Can get between five and six seats. Churches and their group leaders more faithful would keep their jobs in Congress. More Country, however, would remain with two representatives, the leader of the party and Marta Higuera, number two of the exalcaldesa Manuela Carmena in the town Hall.

“For nobody is a surprise that this CIS seems like it is tailor-made for Pedro Sanchez. It is not born old, that is born crazy,” said Errejón after learning of the barometer. The leader of Over Country, has explained that the survey, conducted between 21 September and 13 October, has not been able to measure its formation “because we had not taken a step forward”. The platform that unites Errejón with Equo and la Chunta Aragonesista was officially presented last September 26. “We are very above, as has already happened in Madrid. The surveys gave us a 7% prior to the regional elections, and we have a 15%. We’re going to have a presence so big that it’s going to be decisive for the block progressive,” has settled.

The coalition led by Churches would get between seven and eight deputies in Andalusia. In the past general, amounted to nine seats in this community. That is to say, they could lose between one and two representatives engrosarían the bench of the right, because More Country, which is competing in Granada, Seville, Malaga and Cadiz would not be parliamentary, according to the CIS barometer.

Catalonia is another region in which United we Can more deputies would add, between eight and nine. The group of In Common to and Can be entered in the platform of Churches, I would get between six and seven in Barcelona, one in Girona and one in Tarragona. In this way, Jaume Asens, leader of the commons, would improve their outcome 28-A, when he was at this confluence that calls for the holding of a referendum agreed in Catalonia, the freedom of what they consider “political prisoners” —in reference to pro-independence leaders convicted by the judgment of the procés— and the repeal of the offence of sedition through a reform of the Penal Code in order to resolve the crisis territorial Catalan. Errejón, which is only present in the capital, would not be representative.

In the region of Valencia, where Country has deposited its greatest hopes through the partnership with Compromís, they would get between one and two representatives. That is to say, Joan Baldoví revalidaría his seat. All Compromís, name of the platform, wouldn’t get any mps in the other two constituencies in valencia. While United we Can would take between one and two representatives in Alicante, the other in Castellón and between two and three in Valencia, a total of between four and six. 28-the outcome was of five seats, for then the covenant with Compromís had been broken.

If the forecast is José Luis Tezanos is met, the party of Churches will retrieve a representative in Castilla y León, Valladolid, the only seat of the so-called Spain empty where at the previous election was zero. United We would not get deputies in Castilla-La Mancha, or Extremadura. Would be without seats also in La Rioja, Ceuta, Melilla, and Cantabria. This is, I would repeat the result of the previous general in all these circunscripiones. Ione Belarra, member of the board of United we Can, revalidaría his seat by Navarre.

In the case of Aragon, the battle between Iglesias and Errejón the win United we Can revalidando the seat of Pablo Echenique, at Zaragoza. More Country and la Chunta, come together in this province, we would be left without a representative. In Asturias, Second Gonzalez, one of the candidates closest to Errejón, neither would get a seat in the Congress, the position would be for the representative of the Churches. The same situation would be repeated in Murcia. Oscar Urralburu, the first leader of we Can that decided to leave the training to join the project Errejón, would be without a seat while Javier Sanchez, his successor as head of the party in Murcia, you would return to occupy his seat in Madrid.

In the two archipelagos, United we Can would not suffer “the effect Errejón”. In the Balearic islands with between one and two representatives, and in the Canary islands with two others. The seats of Alberto Rodriguez, secretary of the Organization we Can, and the exjuez Victoria Rosell would be insured, one less than the 28-A.

Juan López Uralde, after leaving Equo in protest by the alliance of his training with More Country and be integrated as an independent in the United we Can, I would get representation as number one of the list of Álava. In the Basque Country, the party of Churches would add two other seats in Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia. And Errejón would be zero.

CIS-2019-28A 2016 Seat assigned Seat insurance (99% probability) Seat likely (75% to 99%) Seat in the game (25% to 75%) is Seats in the fork minimum Seats to the fork maximum Seat assigned Province (Seats)PSOEPPCSUPVOXOtrosTotal Seguros1236657422438Madrid (37)Barcelona (32)Valencia (15)Alicante (12)Seville (12)Malaga (11)Murcia (10)Cadiz (9)A Coruña (8)Bizkaia (8)Illes Balears (8)Palms (8)Asturias (7)Grenade (7)Pontevedra (7)Santa Cruz de Tenerife (7)Zaragoza (7)Almeria (6)Badajoz (6)Cordoba (6)Gipuzkoa (6)Girona (6)Tarragona, (6)Toledo (6)Cantabria (5)Castellón (5)Royal City (5)Huelva (5)Jaén (5)Navarre (5)Fencedolid (5)Albacete (4)Araba / Alava (4), Burgos (4)Caceres (4)La Rioja (4)Lion (4), Lleida (4)Lugo (4), Ourense (4)Salamanca (4)Basin (3), Guadalajara (3)Huesca, spain (3)Spain (3)Segovia (3)Teruel (3)Zamora (3)Avila (3)Soria (2)Ceuta (1)Melilla (1) is Seat assigned Province (Seats)PSOEPPCSUPVOXOtrosTotal Seguros85137327125Madrid (36)Barcelona (31)Valencia (16)Alicante (12)Seville (12)Malaga (11)Murcia (10)Cadiz (9)A Coruña (8)Illes Balears (8)Palms (8)Asturias (8)Grenade (7), Pontevedra (7)Santa Cruz de Tenerife (7)Zaragoza (7)Almeria (6)Badajoz (6)Cordoba (6)Girona (6)Tarragona, (6)Toledo (6)Cantabria (5)Castellón (5)Royal City (5)Huelva (5)Jaén (5)Navarre (5)Valladolid, Spain (5)Albacete (4)Araba / Alava (4)Bizkaia (4), Burgos (4)Caceres (4)Gipuzkoa (4)Huesca, Spain (3)La Rioja (4)Lion (4), Lleida (4)Lugo (4), Ourense (4)Salamanca (4)Basin (3), Guadalajara (3)Palencia (3), Segovia (3)Teruel (3)Zamora (3)Avila (3)Soria (2)Ceuta (1)Melilla (1)


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