Würzburg – An honest Finder has found a three-figure sum of money and the police delivered. The police announced on Saturday, had a 21-Year-old a card with money already on 10. January in Würzburg found and immediately delivered.

As yet no one reported, as published in the police francs a picture with the message on Twitter. She has the hope to find the owner. The police suspect that the amount of money is a Christmas gift from the parents to their child.

A similar case, there was at the beginning of January in Kiel, as a Finder, three money-filled letter seem to have delivered the envelopes to the police. The Christmas greetings of “grandma Schleswig” to their grandson, the son of the elderly came the next day with the Kiel police. The man had become by the media reporting on the discovery of the three-digit sum of money the attention of the police.

About an honest Finder, also a Student of the TU in Garching, was pleased, to read how to merkur.de*. Another man found a purse and was ashamed then before the court for what he did afterwards.

*merkur.de is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.



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