Manuel Cortez had a very important date with a very coveted lady on Wednesday. The artist had an appointment with Dua Lipa, whom he met in the Berlin wax museum Madame Tussauds.

But some will ask themselves: “May Dua Lipa go to Germany at all because of the travel ban?” No, she shouldn’t, which is why Manuel had to deal with her wax figure double. The 40-year-old was still completely enraptured.

Manuel Cortez ist schwerverliebt in diese Dame

Detlef Zmeck / Madame Tussauds Berlin


Dua is his dream woman

In an interview with, Manuel Cortez (40) raved about his new flame Dua Lipa, whose wax figure he was allowed to unveil in the famous wax figure cabinet “Madame Tussauds” in Berlin. What an honour! He would be “in love” with the British singer, as he admits: “We are the dream couple 2022” admits the 40-year-old. Although he has a little problem with the model, as he jokingly admits: “It’s a bit quiet for my taste, but I’m getting used to it”. Of course, the Berliner only speaks of the Lipa on display.

When asked whether he had a problem with the fact that she didn’t move very much, the single admits: “Yes, yes, but you are willing to compromise. I have been single for a few months now and slowly I would start getting serious. I’m wondering how I can get her to be a little more motivated. ”Would Dua Lipa (in flesh and blood) be a candidate?

Visually, it would work for him in any case: “Joa, I would already like it. Although she is very young. I’m a few years older now, but visually, of course, it’s pretty, of course. Very beautiful woman, logical. ”If only she wasn’t only 24… and maybe not with Gigi Hadid’s brother Anwar.

Manuel Cortez ist schwerverliebt in diese Dame

Detlef Zmeck / Madame Tussauds Berlin

He thinks the artist is “cool”, but for a completely different reason than you might think. The stylist and hypnosis coach admires her for her artistic skills: “But I think she is great. I love artwork and am also an artworker. I like visuality and love directing music videos. It does really cool things. I always find it really impressive what teams she works with and what exciting results come out of it. ”

Manuel also admires the style of the “physical” interpreter: “Dua Lipa is such a great combination from the whole 90s and expresses this in her styling. You find Madonna again, you find Britney Spears again, you even find No Doubt elements again. I think it’s blatant that she revives it and brings in a certain modernity. ”


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