sandals with socks, white boots and Jogging pants: a Lot of former No-go’s are back arrived in the fashion world. On the international day of the Jogging pants is worth it, a couple of Looks that are also suitable for everyday life and to clarify: Hate Designer the Schlabberbuxe actually so much?

Must-Haves for the fall of 2016, The big star-style to check How the sweatpants presentable

was This question quickly with a “no” answer. Designer Michael Michalsky and even: “Jogging pants are the new Jeans.” And also Karl Lagerfeld has come to terms now with the Jogging pants. While he once said: “he Who wears Jogging pants has lost control of his life.” At the latest since the cooperation with Puma in the year 2018, however, should be clear: such A large Jogging pants-haters can’t be Karl Lagerfeld. Because of the common collection, the pants were actually designed by him Jogging. It would be clarified also.

Jogging pants in combination with a Blazer, jacket and co.

But how can you not style the cozy pants for now so that it looks as if you had come straight from the Couch? One of the easiest and safest combinations of sweatpants, a plain one-color and a tight top, Blazer, jacket or jacket and shoes. It is, as so often, The mix’s. Chic and casual work in a good relationship great and make a Look interesting. The sweatpants a casual Element, you can enhance it with the elegant Parts as a Blazer.

it is Also important to combine the other Form of the Jogging trousers visually with a tight top or shirt that you put the best into the trousers. So it creates an appealing Silhouette. For the office woman takes on the best in a pair of chic Pumps, man can grab half-shoes, or Budapestern. Away from the office, it may be also calm Sneakers.

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Off to Shanghai for 48 hrs ? #Chiara never stops

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Also on the Berlin Fashion Week, as stylish can be the sweatpants. Among other things, Kilian Kerner presented different Looks with the casual pants and gives inspirations for cool combinations.

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large barn. The perfect Match : @crocs x KXXK. Cooperation love. First Looks: Black & White. Street style meets Business-Wear. #crocs #fashion week #kxxk #comeback #paid to the partnership

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way of the classic grey Jogging pants

You realize: The sweat pant is now an integral part of the fashion world, and has developed much further: Instead of the classic gray Sweatpants there are, the pants are now made of silk, with colored stripes on the side, plaid pattern, and, and, and. Even away from the Couch or of the international sweatpants tags, you can run the loose leg dress so quiet again in good conscience. You just need to know how!


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