March 8: when in fact did this holiday

Another 08/03/20 March 8: when in fact did this holiday

Contrary to common belief, the history of International women’s day on March 8 is considered not from the initiative of the German Clara Zetkin in 1910 declared the need to establish such a holiday, for 53 years before this historic speech in Copenhagen at the Second international socialist women’s conference in new York March 8, 1857, a mass strike of women-seamstresses, who demanded equality with men. The revolt, known as the “March of empty pots”, ended with mass detentions and beatings of the fairer sex.

the Day marked the beginning of the revolution

according to historians, it is international women’s day, adopted in several countries in 1910, 7 years later, was a fateful date for the Russian autocracy. As reported on the page of the official Internet portal of the United Nations, dedicated to this holiday, on March 8, 1917 (Julian calendar) women in Petrograd took to the streets with demands for ending the war and improving the food situation. They were joined by other protesters. Mass dissatisfaction with the government led to the fact that several days later Nicholas II abdicated.
After these events, the Provisional government throughout Russia for the first time in the history of the state gave women suffrage.

the First woman in the sky

It was March 8, 108 years ago, got my private pilot’s license the world’s first French aviatrix Elise Desroches (Raymond de Laroche). After 9 years she, as passenger, crashed in a plane crash.

the tragedy of the “Seven Simeoni”

32 years ago on international women’s day, the family of the famous Soviet ensemble “Seven Simeonov” was captured by the Tu-154. As later found out a consequence, the preparation and implementation of the attack led the mother of ten children, Ninel Ovechkina. Attempt to steal passagerscue the overseas liner failed during the storming of the aircraft killed 5 criminals including Ninel Ovechkin, stewardess and three passengers.

Vietnamese-the rekordistov

the longest in the world (for over 2 thousand years!) celebrate March 8 in Vietnam – this country is a significant date was originally associated with the memory of the national heroines of the sisters of Chyng. Chung Chuck and Ching Nor in the 40-ies of our era led a revolt against the Chinese governors.

the International holiday 43

Despite the long and rich history of International women’s day, officially March 8 date has gained such status upon the decision of the United Nations in 1975.

Feminists have gotten to the Kremlin

Modern radical fighters for the rights of women in post-Soviet space is considered to be the most notorious Ukrainian women’s movement “Femen”, regularly organize a variety of events. For example, last year, March 8, feminists staged a flash mob at the walls of the Moscow Kremlin. Was published photos from the event, including a poster of “200 years of men in power. Off” allegedly stretched to the Corner Arsenalnaya tower. It was later revealed that this is a banal photo montage.

This “Mimosa” – not Mimosa

One of the most popular gifts on March 8 – the flowering shoots of acacia silver, which many mistakenly believe to be Mimosa. In fact, this plant only belongs to the subfamily milosovich, and the Mimosa looks completely different.

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