“After the loss of the majority in Congress Trump threatens to hell” – this Headline was just under six months at this point, a published article about an investigation that Donald Trump and his Republican from a democratic-dominated house of representatives feared. Meanwhile, the US President is likely to have a first impression of what this hell looks like.

Donald Trump, the Driven

Since the Democrats have taken over in January, the Power in the house of representatives, power Trump with studies on topics such as the Russia affair, Security clearance for government employees, or Trumps finances. This week, the clashes between the Congress representatives and the White house have pointed to an open war. On several fronts, the government allowed the “house-Democrats”, so the deputies of this party in the house of representatives, down, or sabotaged the investigation.

a press report on Russia, the affair that “It is nonsense, if Trump now claims he had a ‘total acquittal’ know” DPA

On Tuesday ignored the Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin, the request of the tax Committee in the house of representatives, to 23. April, 17 PM, Trumps the tax declarations of the last six years. Mnuchin said the democratic Committee Chairman Richard Neal, he’ll only be on 6. May be able to decide whether he would make the documents of the subordinate tax authority. The decision is subject to difficult legal issues, which would need to be clarified with the Ministry of justice. A first deadline was already on 10. April expired, they, too, had the Minister of Finance to pass.

On Monday, the US President, the Trump organization filed a lawsuit in Federal court in Washington against the democratic Chairman of the audit Committee of the house of representatives, Elijah Cummings, because this worked out of the company Mazars United States, and with the Trump and his companies for many years in the accounting, financial documentation required. Cummings issued a Subpoena, a summons, with which he can force the company under threat of criminal prosecution for the publication of the papers. The Democrats hope to gain from the insight into the documents, information on possible illegal activity Trumps.

Also on Monday, the White house instructed the former head of the security authority of the White house, Carl Kline, to ignore a subpoena by the oversight Committee, which he did on Tuesday morning. Democratic members of the Committee threatened to sue Kline for contempt. Committee chief Cummings wants to question Kline, because many of the Trump employees should have received, despite massive concerns to the authority a security clearance. The Democrat accuses the government of “serious breaches of national security at the highest levels”.

Trump does not want that employee statements

And the justice Committee of the house of representatives sent on Monday, the former legal adviser to the White house, Donald McGahn, a subpoena. McGahn is one of the key figures in the Russia-investigation by special investigator Robert Mueller. If he needs to, publicly and under oath in the Committee statements, could occur pikante Details from the inner life of the White house to-day – maybe more. He should be on 7. May, before the Congress and probably to the suspicion of obstruction of Justice by Trump interviewed will appear – so this makes him because. Because on Tuesday, the President in an Interview with the “Washington Post”, he wanted to announced that its former or current employees to testify on Capitol Hill.

rant via Twitter, “Bullshit”, “crazy”, “haters”: Trump rails against the Mueller report-REUTERS

the subpoenas of congressional committees are actually legally binding. But the Trump Administration, now goes so far to demonstrate the ability of the Congress to control the Executive, as a matter of principle. The article 1 of the U.S. Constitution, which stipulates that all law rests on legislative power in the Congress, guarantee that the absence of an Express power of attorney for investigations, claimed the Minister of Finance Mnuchin on Tuesday in a Letter to the representatives of the people.

“taught To this day not a single piece of paper”

Elijah Cummings is now pretty annoyed by the blockade attitude of the government. “Until today, the White house has refused for the entire year in all of the investigations of the Committee, a single piece of paper or a single witness to,” lamented the Chairman of the Committee in a statement. “It seems, as the belief of the President that the Constitution has to be in White house no validity, and he may instruct officials, at their own discretion, to violate their legal obligations.”

Trump defends itself with hands and feet against the investigations of the Democrats – and as always with Twitter. “We’ve been waiting for Mueller, and WON, that is why the Dems now rely on the Congress as a last hope!”, the US President wrote on Wednesday, and announced, in large letters. “I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG.”

sources: Committee on Oversight and Reform, “Axios”, “Politico”, “Boston 25 News”


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