Huawei is determined to keep his second place in the ranking of the largest Smartphone manufacturers. The Chinese company has presented in London its newest flagship model Mate 20 Per. In the WORLD of Test, the unit cut excellent- and fails in many disciplines, even the fiercest competitors.

Even though Huawei has not invented with the Smartphone world, so some of it is in the Mate 20 Per, the case of the competitors will be in vain. For this purpose, the fingerprint Scanner, which is found neither on the back nor below the Display. Huawei has it built into the Display. He is once set up, the users of his Finger just in the middle on the lower third of the display, and the phone is unlocked.

So far the theory. In practice, this works well, but is not always reliable. Although Huawei has improved the technology in comparison to the Porsche Design Smartphone Mate RS from the previous year, but the Scanner is still failing in service, if the Finger is too dry, too wet, or dirty. This happens more often than you think.

Similarities to Apple and Samsung

fortunately, there is another biometric recognition: Face-ID. Because competitor Apple has called to be first, however, chose Huawei for the designation of 3D face recognition. In the Test, it worked but in the same way as in the iPhone-X-models. Here has learned Huawei. The information suggests that the 3D camera is recorded in front of 30,000 points. It is also used by Huawei for the so-called 3D Qmojis, the Apple Animojis called, so animated Emojis, imitate the facial Expressions of the user.

the Design is highly reminiscent of a device that is already in place. As is the case with Samsung’s S9, the Mate 20 Pro is very thin and has a Display that bends on the sides. Fortunately, the manufacturer managed to make the frame above and below the Display so small it is almost gone. With the exception of a small recess, the Notch.

Thus, the Smartphone looks very compact, although it has a 6.4 inch large Oled Display, which dissolves very sharp. A little bit of competition around, no harm. But the Mate 20 Pro is, of course, not a copy.

This is shown especially in the camera on the back. Here, Huawei has been working together for some time with the camera specialists Leica. This Time, three cameras are installed, the different focal lengths and resolutions.

40, 20 and eight Megapixel

As with the latest Smartphone in the P series has installed Huawei with a 40-Megapixel camera, more than any other current Smartphone. In addition, there is a camera 20 and a further eight Megapixel.

In the Triple-Ensemble, the Black-and-White camera, which has been previously used but is missing. She has made room for an extreme wide-angle, which in practice is very useful. We have the Triple-camera extensively compared with the iPhone Xs, Max and the Google Pixel 3 XL.

In normal shooting, the competitors do not differ much. For our taste the Mate 20 sharpens Per little too much. However, as soon as an object is zoomed in, it can take a competitor longer with the new Huawei-device. Here is the Mate 20 a 40 Megapixel from play.

a Lot of artificial intelligence is in the camera

According to Huawei’s a lot of artificial intelligence in the new flagship, not least the very quick in-house Kirin-has-processor exchange of views compared to the previous Chip. Most of this artificial intelligence is currently available in the camera.

So it detects the subject and automatically selects the best settings for it. In the Test that worked well, regardless of whether the autumn foliage or a blue sky is detected. Also, the camera takes very decent portrait photos that have a blurred Background, what is commonly referred to as the Bokeh effect. In comparison, the iPhone Xs Max here, but better results.

Among the really extensive range of camera functions by all the things stands out, that you can find at competitors. To choose the video settings and sets it to “AI color” the Mate 20 Pro is a Black-and-White Video, so far so unspectacular. However, as soon as the camera detects people, only you and your clothing color. It makes a good impression, even if a lot of movement in the image from time to time a Person switches to Black-and-White. AI color, but it is an appetite stimulator for what is coming with artificial intelligence.

in addition, the Mate 20 Pro is able to make Macro shots. Then it can absorb from a distance of 2.5 centimeters a photo sharp. Such a feature is very unusual in Smartphones. You, for example, makes close-up shots of insects.

Others are better with the HDR function

of Course, there are also a lot wrong with that. The cameras record high-resolution 4K Videos with 30 frames per second. Some competitors create 60 images, which can be, in particular, in the post-processing of Videos, more room to slow down scenes. In addition, the HDR function, which produces a better balance of bright and dark areas in a photo is hidden deep in the settings have to be chosen. Other devices to turn on automatically when needed.

In comparison, Huawei plays with its Triple-camera in the Mate 20 Pro but the very top and also in the selection of the settings of the nose in front. In a Pro-choice, all settings can be made manually, and the photos in the RAW Format. Professional photographers prefer this Format, because it offers to edit more options.

the Mate 20 Pro Extremely slow with 960 frames per second, but unfortunately only in 720p resolution. These shots are not easy, especially you need a lot of light.

advantages for Sim-cards and Wi-Fi Bridge

The Huawei device is bringing a few other features that are very helpful. It can either be with two Sim-cards operate, or with a Sim and a memory card to Supplement the internal memory of 128 Gigabyte. Here Huawei however, on a separate memory card Format called Nano-Memory-Card.

The Smartphone can also build a Wireless Bridge. Anyone who has ever gotten in a Hotel only a Wi-Fi Voucher for all of his devices, knows how to appreciate it. The Mate 20 Per can build up to connect with this Wi – Fi, and at the same time – without having to use the cellular connection to access-a private Hotspot for four devices.

It is amazing that Huawei was able to bring in his compact device is a battery with a 4200 mAh. To avoid any doubt, it has obtained the manufacturer certificate from TÜV Rheinland. After the heat problems of the previous Note-competitors from Samsung that was probably necessary.

In the Test, held the battery with ease all day and had to midnight, there is still ample Reserve. He charges but also with the included 40-Watt quick charger in a half-hour to 70 percent. The Mate 20 Pro lets you wirelessly download.

It is even in the location, its competitors, mitzuladen, which is probably to be understood as a little dig. Who is so generous, can make his Mate of 20 Per to a Powerbank. It’s an iPhone or a Pixel, then recharges wirelessly.

In London, presented Huawei’s three more Smartphones: a stripped-down Mate 20 without a fingerprint sensor in the Display and with a slightly weaker camera for 799 Euro. In addition, a Porsche Design Version of the Mate 20 with the designation RS.

At the end of Huawei chief Richard Yu has announced a “One More Big Thing”. The Mate 20 X has a 7.2 inch large Display and is made for the Chinese market. This device with a screen the size of a small tablet should not be sold to Huawei in Germany.

Denser number of cycles at Huawei

conclusion: The Mate is a 20-Per is likely to play with its functional diversity, immediately at the very top and Top of the line equipment as the iPhone Xs, Max and the Pixel 3 XL are at least equal. It has learned a lot from the competition, but makes your elsewhere.

Some functions like Dual Sim, expandable memory, waterproof according to the IP68 Standard, wireless and quick Loading to speak for the Huawei. Together with the – not-quite-Mature – in fingerprint Scanner in the Display and a superb camera with the best Zoom in the competitive comparison, is expected to Huawei help keep its market position or even expand.

The clock number is Huawei a little higher than some of its competitors. The manufacturer is launching in February of each year, usually already working on their next Generation of compact P-series with a new camera. The Mate 20 Pro costs 999 Euro.


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