After the Bayern-election, it is clear that there can be a “More so”, it must be About a not-so-similar-as-before-More-so, if not a little Bit-Different-More-So. But it also needs to be started quickly with the construction of the Horst-Seehofer-mausoleum, before it is too late.

In Bavaria, uses a ruler traditionally alive beige, this Ritual may, of course, also Horst Seehofer. It will not be so easy to pull Seehofer from the traffic. He is still the most important Minister of the interior has the Germany currently, even Seehofer would not deny, although he is a man of principles, and often of a different opinion, as the political Mainstream.

In the next few weeks, the population can take away from Seehofer, farewell because the man has done a lot, and always the whole of Germany. He wants to now lead the coalition negotiations in Bavaria, because even there, it can’t hurt, a little agitation and to provide for uncertainty.


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