It is a climate week. The recent intergovernmental panel on climate change presented to the world the report on the consequences of global warming. Since then, we know that the increase of half a degree can make a deadly difference for all corals, numerous species of animals and millions of people affected by Floods, drought and famine. On the same day the Nobel prize for Economics went to US researcher William Nordhaus, who has studied early on with the Economics of climate change.

On Tuesday, the EU environmental Ministers agreed on a reduction of car emissions by 35 percent by 2030 – is too little for the Netherlands, which can not afford an increase in sea levels. At the same time driving were arranged in Berlin bans on diesel cars. On Wednesday, twelve people came to Mallorca, the heart of the island, a storm claimed the lives of.

On Thursday showed the “Germany trend” that 74 percent of Germans believe that the climate policy of the government for lax. At the end of the week, the astonished learned in Berlin is that the capital gets 200 new double-deck buses, loud Diesel. It seemed as if all the sun, a summer week in many Parts of the country, persevering in the midst of October. Beautiful. And a little scary. When the sky wants to burn us to the climate Problem on the skin.

How should we respond?

so Far, has responded to this rather stoic. All know that climate change is a hell of a challenge. It is highly risky to do nothing. But seriously, combat is also risky. Economic interests, jobs,-Need to change attitudes, lack of technology – there are so many reasons to do nothing.

on How to respond to climate change adequately, it will be argued for decades. As a subject for stimulating table discussions in the circle of friends, climate change is not fit for a long time. A vortex is raging again somewhere a storm, twitching to get to the pits, it is bad and would only talk about the winter holidays in Bali.

Until 2018. Because of the tropical summer comes to Germany. Heat as a permanent condition. Withered Fields. Dried-Up Rivers. To warm lakes. And suddenly, suddenly, the Super nerd “ecological footprint serves” as a topic at the canteen table, colleagues have admitted to objectors as a domestic flight, the electric car of the neighbor appears like a whimsy, but as a conceivable Alternative.

At once a lot is put to the test: it Must be that sparkling water boxes, the power consumption of the bags the plastic? And sometimes, it comes in thought to the Utmost. The enjoyable autumn weekend in Marseille, for example, strictly you can’t afford it, climate technically.

it Is naive to believe that with the absence of short flights and the use of a bamboo, the world toothbrush to save the climate? It would be even stupid. To stop global warming, it needs a radical restructuring in virtually all sectors of the economy, a Revolution in energy production and a lot of technological innovations. Not only in Germany, not only in Europe but everywhere. Without the United States and China is climate change, not the brakes.

it Is nonsense when people start to talk about the resignation on short flights? By no means. It is the attempt of a part, which is always a good sign. Although it is known that the jute bag the global warming is not a millionth of a degree will be able to stop, take him with you to the supermarket.

symbolism is this: you show that you have understood. Sometimes a rethink is also fun. For many, the switch from the car on the wheel, experience the win. Thirdly, there is self-assertion: I want to have a future, so I’m going to shape you. Global crises can no longer be solved globally. But that does not mean, to be sentenced to individual passivity. Who would be a conflict of touch, will want him with resolve. The sense of responsibility proves. Responsibility but assumes that those who expect from life something.

50 years ago, much was not have been possible. Would be to uncomfortable, the enjoyment of hostile or simply insane buckle up occurred to the people at that time, what we do today, of course, us in the car, in pubs, no Smoking, dog on the Lawn with the plastic bag afterwards.

Some of these behaviors were penalties, others simply so. But above all, they were customary, and because they einleuchteten the people at that time. It was time for a change. And so it seems now. People begin to develop their personal attitude to climate change, the defence of the global crisis in their own life in design, to integrate, to make provision for the Future. After this summer, this week, is the time ripe for it.


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