Media calculated how much the Russians will lose because Putin announced a new tax

As stated earlier, the head of the state, a tax of 13% will be levied on interest derived from deposits and investments total amount of which exceeds 1 million rubles. According to Putin, this measure will affect only 1% of the population.

However, the newspaper notes, in fact, the tax will affect more than half of the deposits. According to statistics, “Agency for deposits insurance”, in early 2023, a majority (55%) of the deposits were deposits in the amount of 1 million rubles. And according to the Central Bank, the Russians kept on Deposit 30,55 trillion rubles, and the total amount of taxable deposits is on the order of 16.8 trillion.

currently, the interest on Bank deposits is taxed only when the interest rate is above the key five percentage points (the current key rate of the Central Bank – 6%). If the assessment levied funds to conduct on the basis of the maximum rate of the ten largest in terms of deposits of banks, the new tax will give the Treasury every year 113 billion.

Interviewed experts noted that it remains unclear how the authorities intend to calculate citizens with deposits of 1 million rubles, if they can keep the deposits in different banks. Most likely, you will need to create a single database, the complexity of which is to prevent the leakage of personal information and not to violate competition between banks.

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