Medical mask with the function of measuring the temperature present in the capital in April – may

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”/Kirill Zykov

In the next few months in the capital will present a prototype of a smart medical mask with a function for measuring body temperature, reports the Agency “Moscow” with reference to the press service of the branch Union “Neuronet”.

According to partner of the branch Union Oleg Basis, such a development will be useful to people who are dealing with a large number of people during a pandemic. This is the sellers in the shops, paramedics, police officers.

Milesin noted that the mask has two key elements – the flap that completely covers the face and a pyrometer that measures the temperature of the interlocutor at a distance of 5 meters.

“the Thermometer also measures the temperature of person who wears the device. Also considers the implementation of the data transfer function to smartphone,” explained Milesin.

this is Supposed to be a simple and inexpensive remedy. In a press-service have specified that one reusable mask is cheaper than a disposable.

Monday, April 6, it became known that the Russian government imposes a number of restrictions on wholesale and retail sale of certain medical devices. To them includes mask. Under the new rules, the margin on masks, respirators and gloves may not be increased by more than 10 percent and by 10 cents at each stage of the sales.

Earlier it was reported that scientists from Hong Kong and the USA found out how much time coronavirus infection can stick on different surfaces. During the measurements the room-temperature it was found that the coronavirus on the used bandages may persist for a week.

According to the latest who data, the world has already recorded more than 1.13 million cases of infection with coronavirus, almost 63 thousand people died.

the day in Russia 954 confirmed cases coronavirus infection. Most of all come to Moscow – 591, in the Moscow region has registered 82.

In the suburbs began to sew reusable medical masks

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